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Thread: AMD PC with liquid cooler restarting

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    AMD PC with liquid cooler restarting

    How to resolve a frequent restarting problem of a gaming pc. Here I am trying to fix a amd pc which has FX series processor with 16GB ram and a liquid cooler on the same. The system looks to be new but restart on its own after turning it on for a few hours. It does not stop. It just keep on happening continuously and I am unable to figure out why this is so constant. I had checked all the connection which looks proper. Sometime the pc works well for entire day, but sometime it just keeps on restarting.

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    Re: AMD PC with liquid cooler restarting

    The first thing you have to do is check your psu power cable. Many time it is loose and when you shake your cpu case the pc gets restarted. Also check the power socket. If there is a power fluctuation on the same or if there is some problem then still the system will restart. You have to replace the cable and try back. Most of the time changing the cable will resolve the issue. But if that is not the problem then you have to check the internal cable.

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    Re: AMD PC with liquid cooler restarting

    This can be also due to heating stuff. It looks that your graphic card is heating up due to which you are unable to get a stable output. You can add a hwmonitor application which will give you real-time temperature of your gpu and processor. On that basis you can simply verify the issue. If the graphic card is heating then remove it and clean the fans. Ensure that there is enough space inside so that air can rotate.

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    Re: AMD PC with liquid cooler restarting

    Most probably it looks like a psu problem to me. I think because of this your system is getting restarting. You have to change that. When you play game your system power requirement increases. And your existing psu is unable to work well. If you can arrange a psu then you can change that and test. This kind of power problem are mostly linked with the smps only. And power socket. If the cable and socket thing is fine then you have to replace the psu.

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