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Thread: SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD slowing down

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    SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD slowing down

    Last month I purchased the SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD and at that time the sequential read speed was over 500 when I first ran the benchmark software. But now it seems to be decreased to 450 and it is getting lower if I am running it now. The free space on this SSD is way over 150GB. There are not settings altered in the meantime as well. Can anyone tell me if this is normal considering the SSD is only been used for one month only? Thank you

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    Re: SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD slowing down

    That is not a whole problem or so. The actual thing depends on the workload that you are putting on the drive, take time to clean up your drive. There are a lot of variables to consider at this point but you dont have to worry about anything. You can try to use the Samsung Magician tool which is the best SSD toolbox for the Samsung drives. The Magician SSD management utility is designed to work with all Samsung SSD products, including 470 Series, 830 Series, and 840 Series Family SSDs. This software is not compatible with other manufacturer's SSDs. You can download it from this link -

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    Re: SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD slowing down

    Even I agree that there are a lot of variables that can tear down the sequential read speed. After using your SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD for 1 year if the speed decreases to 300 then you can try to do a secure erasing which will try to restore the SSD like before, but if it is your system drive then it is really a painful procedure. The best you can do is use the Samsung OEM software tool which comes with their SSD drives. After using it, the tool will surely give you options to optimize the SSD drive for speed and storage space.

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    Re: SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD slowing down

    You will require to check some settings for SSD speeding up. If IDE mode is enabled then it is much slower compared to ACHI mode. If you have a SataII interface then it will bottleneck the SATAIII SSD to 200mb/s read and write speed. Also, Windows 7 is much slower for SSDs compared with Windows 8. If there are too many startup apps then it will surely slow down the booting time in your Windows OS. Since you SSd is new, so you can even RMA it if you think it has problems.

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