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Thread: Logitech G710+ keyboard broken

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    Logitech G710+ keyboard broken

    Two months ago I bought a Logitech G710+ keyboard. I use it at my home pc and basically for gaming. From last week I am noticing that the Alt button has loosen up on this keyboard. When I pulled the key out then I saw that there was a crack inside. It seems that the plastic quality is not fairly smooth like it used to be in previous logitech keyboards. So if there is no solution to fix this issue, then will my only chance be to RMA this keyboard? Thanks

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    Re: Logitech G710+ keyboard broken

    I was facing similar problem on a different Logitech keyboard and after calling their customer support they told me that I will have to mail my whole keyboard. I just have the problem with one CTRL key and for that mailing the whole keyboard is senseless? Isnt there a replacement Ctrl key that we should get for this issue? Apart from that sending and receiving the keyboard will take atleast 15-20 days time, till that time what are we supposed to use? Just the mouse!!

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    Re: Logitech G710+ keyboard broken

    You can try to buy a R1 1x1.5 Cherry MX "Portal" Keycap Set from the website maxkeyboard and replace your broken Alt key or ctrl key. They seem to fit very well on the Logitech G710+ keyboards. The set includes (2) R1/B 1x1.5 and fits Max Nighthawk, Razer Blackwidow, Tesoro Durandal series keyboard bottom row 1 x 1.5 CTRL or ALT keycaps. They are also compatible with Cherry MX switches, designed for backlight mechanical keyboards.

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    Re: Logitech G710+ keyboard broken

    Thank for letting us know that there are replaceable keys available for this problems. I was having a similar problem with my keyboard which I often used for gaming and normal use, the left Shift key was often used by me and in the process it got broken. So, the only choice left for me was to RMA it to logitech department since they didnt have any solution to replace a single key. Right now my logitech keyboard is working fine but if any keys start to act weird again then I will definitely go with the above keycap set.

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