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Thread: SSD advice between 64GB to 160GB

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    SSD advice between 64GB to 160GB

    I am looking for a SSD upgrade. I need something between 64GB to 160GB. I need minimum of 64GB. I will use the drive for operating system and application installation. But I will go with bigger one if it fits in my budget. I had seen how SSD can improve the system performance compare to the regular hard drive we are using. I hope there are some budget models the one which I found are too costly.

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    Re: SSD advice between 64GB to 160GB

    If you need something cheaper then go with Kingston SSDNow V100. It is a 64GB ssd that comes under Rs.4000. It will be a good upgrade for you. You can use it for storing your operating system and the output will be quiet great on the same It is a 2.5 inch SSD drive which is also ideal for gaming purpose. It comes with 128 MB Cache Memory that can help you to access your frequently used program much more faster.

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    Re: SSD advice between 64GB to 160GB

    The best thing you can do is go for Kingston 120 GB SSD. I think that will be more better. All you have to do is play around Rs.5000 for that. You get high space in that. 64GB will not be enough for installing different applications and games.And the drive also give you SATA 6.0 Gbps interface which means more better data transfer speed. You can order this from any online shop. It is good and also in budget.

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    Re: SSD advice between 64GB to 160GB

    There are some drives which are designed to deliver more performance. They are bit costly but better than others. If you are looking for a SSD upgrade then going for Samsung 840 EVO is one of the best choice. It is costly but not bad. You can install all your favorite programs on the same and get instant performance from the same. It gives you higher warranty. While there is one more Transcend 128 GB which comes in the same price.

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