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Thread: Can I use Xbox controller on Windows 7 pc

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    Can I use Xbox controller on Windows 7 pc

    I want a bit help to find out how to use the xbox controller on Windows 7 pc. I have one with me. I tried connecting that directly to the pc but that fails to detect the connection. I am looking a bit help to fix the problem. How can I use it. It is detected sometime and sometime not. I want to use this for playing game and I am trying this from few days. But it fails. What type of driver does it needs. There is nothing provided on the official site.

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    Re: Can I use Xbox controller on Windows 7 pc

    Yes you can use it but for that you have to find the right drivers. It is possible to use the Xbox 360 controller on windows pc. For that you need the setup program cd. That you can find the Microsoft site. Just connect the controlling and run the Xbox 360 controller setup disc. The disc will automatically detect the controller and install this on your pc. You don't have to do anything manually. Just download the setup program.

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    Re: Can I use Xbox controller on Windows 7 pc

    You can find the details in Software Downloads section. Just go on that and look for gaming section. There you will find the Xbox 360 Controller. Select for windows and then choose the version of Microsoft Windows you are using. Download the setup and then run the program. That's it. It is very simple and easy to use. You can use it for gaming also. You can map the keys directly from the game menu.

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