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Thread: How to add more cpu fan on Dell Studio 550s

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    How to add more cpu fan on Dell Studio 550s

    I am want to two more fan on the a desktop pc. The mode here is Dell studio 550s. There is a single fan which looks to be not working well. It is spinning and stopping. I want to add two big size fan on the top side. I found a few online. But I am not sure whether they will fit or not. And there is no opening on the cpu case. I had contacted Dell customer care for that and they says there is no space provided in the cabinet.

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    Re: How to add more cpu fan on Dell Studio 550s

    That is right. The cabinet has openings only at the backside. There are no other option available through which you can simply add different fans on the same. If you think your processor is heating up then try to clean the system. There might be dust. Check the cpu fan also. You can open the side panel and start your pc. Go in the bios and checkout the current temperature. If it is high then you have to replace the fan.

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    Re: How to add more cpu fan on Dell Studio 550s

    Studio 550s is a mini tower case. It is very hard to add a new fan in that. You can try changing the cpu stock fan. That will cheaper and you can find easily also. If you want to add a fan on the case then you have to simply create holes on the cabinet. I had seen many people doing this custom mod. There are no exact tools available, you can use drill for the same. The best thing you must do is change the stock fan and leave the side panel open so that more heat can be pushed outside.

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    Re: How to add more cpu fan on Dell Studio 550s

    There are common heating issue on mini cabinets. There is nothing much you can do. Only Dell service center can provide you compatible fans for this kind of cpu case. Or if you need better cooling support then there is only one option left. You have to simply change the cabinet entirely. That will do the job. You can get a good one under Rs.2000 where you can add different fans and get good cooling solution.

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