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Thread: Where to find a good Keyboard for Smart TV

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    Where to find a good Keyboard for Smart TV

    Many smart tv support wireless keyboard. They operate through usb dongle or some comes with the TV itself. My friend has a Samsung Smart TV. We were using our pc keyboard on that. It is not detected. I want some help to find a good remote for the TV. That can help us to type or chat with friends. I had see a few combo wireless keyboards on web but will they work. How to find which keyboard is compatible.

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    Re: Where to find a good Keyboard for Smart TV

    Most of this works with Bluetooth connection. Not through usb dongle but through direct setup. Many tv have usb ports but when you connect a usb dongle there it will remain unidentified. So always buy a keyboard that has a integrated Bluetooth. There are few good models in the market. I can list you a few models that you can test out. For Samsung you can buy its official Samsung Smart TV Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard from ebay.

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    Re: Where to find a good Keyboard for Smart TV

    It is right that finding a right remote is necessary so that you can sit back and enjoy your movies. I will recommend you go with Logitech K830. This is one of the best keyboard for SamrtTV. It is small and has a touch-pad also. IT is a backlit keyboard so that you can use it in low light also. It is a fully featured keyboard which is easy to use and comes with various functions. Just checkout the cost on web. It gives you 33ft wifi range.

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