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Thread: getting "Restart to repair drive errors" in Windows 8

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    getting "Restart to repair drive errors" in Windows 8

    I have Windows 8 installed in my other ocmputer and I am getting an error message in the notification area that says "Restart to repair drive errors". It has been 4-5 days till now this problem is showing up in my pc. The backup is also failing for some files because of some error on C: drive? I dont want to do a clean install for this problem, so can anyone tell me some other options? Thanks

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    Re: getting "Restart to repair drive errors" in Windows 8

    I would suggest you to check the drive installed in your computer with some hard drive diagnostic tools. There are many that you can get, among them is Seatools. This software is a complete diagnostic tool that helps you to quickly determine the condition of the disc drive in your PC or external hard disk. It includes several tests that will examine the physical media on your Seagate or Maxtor disc drive and any other drive other than Seagate. SeaTools for Windows can be used to test the USB drives, ATA (PATA / IDE), 1394, SATA and SCSI. This product offers complete data security.

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    Re: getting "Restart to repair drive errors" in Windows 8

    Can you try to run the below command by opening CMD in administrator mode and then typing the below:
    chkdsk /spotfix c:

    There are also many other chkdsk options which might help. In any case, if nothing is working then you can also try to do one more thing. First of all open Command Prompt again in Administrator mode and then type the below command:
    fsutil dirty set c:

    With the above command the volume will be marked as dirty and a full chkdsk should start on the next computer reboot. There might be some bad file indices on the drive and it sometimes happens when there is a power fail at the time of file writing.

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    Re: getting "Restart to repair drive errors" in Windows 8

    You can also try to fix the bad blocks in the hard drive and remap them. To do the same simply open CMD in elevated mode and then type this command "chkdsk /r /b c:" without quotes and then press Enter key. If this doesnt work and you are still getting the same problem then it could be possible that your hard drive might be dying and you will have to backup the driver as soon as possible to the new drive. This happens when the drive when the drive has become very old.

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