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Thread: WD5000E035-00 drive not recognized, please help

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    WD5000E035-00 drive not recognized, please help

    I am using a WD Elements WD5000E035-00 model hard drive which was working fine but now it is not recognized in my computer. From last week or so it was taking sometimes to show up but when I was trying to access the drive then it used to freeze the computer and I had to disconnect it from my pc to sort things out. I have also tried another USB cable but still getting the same problem. Can anyone tell me how do I get this hard drive to work again? Thanks

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    Re: WD5000E035-00 drive not recognized, please help

    First of all unplug the power adapter from the UPS and connect directly into the wall socket. Most of the time surge protectors reduces the power which is needed after a number of devices are added to them. After that check if the drive spins or not, you can get the feeling of vibration by touching on the drive. If it doesnt spin then either the power adapter or the drive itself is problematic. Try to replace the power adapter and move ahead with the troubleshooting.

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    Re: WD5000E035-00 drive not recognized, please help

    Even after replacing the power adapter the drive doesnt spin then there is a problem with the hard drive itself instead of the adapter. You can try to replace your hard drive if it is under warranty and no physical damage is done to the drive. Incase the drive is spinning and not detected in My Computer then you need to change the data cable supplied with it. The Usb Cable normally doesnt work when it gets old an had to be replaced.

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    Re: WD5000E035-00 drive not recognized, please help

    Once you have connected the hard drive in your computer then go to Disk Management and see if the the drive is shown there. If it is then most likely you have a corrupted or damaged partition and you have to re-partition and then reformat it so that it can get recognized again in your PC. Note that you will need to install a data recovery software inorder to get your important data files from this hard drive, otherwise after repartitioning and reformating the data will be lost.

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