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Thread: SanDisk Extreme II SSD very slow to wake from sleep

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    SanDisk Extreme II SSD very slow to wake from sleep

    Just few days back I purchased a new Sandisk Extreme II 240GB solid state drive. I did a fresh install on Windows 7 operating system on it. After that I enabled AHCI mode in BIOS. Now the issue that I am facing is that the SSD will take 1 minute to wake up from sleep mode which is also the same time for booting up. Does anyone know what should I do to fasten up this SSD? Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: SanDisk Extreme II SSD very slow to wake from sleep

    Well, I think that it could be a firmware problem which might be related to either the controller in the SanDisk Extreme II SSD or else the drive itself. Can you try to allow your Windows 7 computer to never put the hard drive to sleep mode but note that it will also affect your power saving mode. You might also consider to modify the BIOS settings but first of all try to flash an updated firmware to the drive and see if that helps.

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    Re: SanDisk Extreme II SSD very slow to wake from sleep

    You need to ensure that the hibernation is disabled with the SSD. If that doesnt work then try to disable the HIPM and see if that works. To do that you need to add AHCI Link Power Management-HIPM/DIPM to advanced Power Settings. So download its registry settings file from the below attachment. After adding it, you can set the HIPM and DIPM settings for your SSD and disable it whenever you want. Hope this helps.
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