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Thread: How to control SSD temperature

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    How to control SSD temperature

    How to control the temperature of a heating SSD. I am not able to figure out. This is the firs time I saw a SSD getting really hot. I came to know when I opened up the system for cleaning. The drive was fixed on a too-less bay. I touched that and it is quiet hot. I am using Cpu temp that does not shows me anything. I hope this is common. Why does the drive heat up so instantly. I am having a 128Gb drive that has OS and games. It is a single partition.

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    Re: How to control SSD temperature

    This is because you are playing too much games. You are using the entire drive as a single partition with all your games. I think heating up is common. You don't have to worry much. Even regular hard drive heat really fast. But they cool down automatically. You can do one thing. You can give a short break by turning off your system for few games while playing game. This will be more than enough to fix the issue.

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    Re: How to control SSD temperature

    SSD's does not heat up much. They are more reliable compared to the regular hard drive. You have to check your system case. There can be something else. Like the graphic card. SSD's do not really need cooling. They work fine. And even if you are using them at extreme level still they consume low power. You have to open your system case and check that. Clean up the dust and other stuff and then check back.

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    Re: How to control SSD temperature

    It is right. SSD's does not really heat that much. There can be some other hardware. If you are having multiple hard drive then check the other one. A regular mechanical drive heats-up really fast compare to SSDs. If they are placed near to each other than the other one is causing the problem. You can keep a gap. Do not stick the drives. The heat gets transferred from on hardware to another.

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