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Thread: Cooling problem with Nepton 280 L liquid cooler

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    Cooling problem with Nepton 280 L liquid cooler

    There is a weird heating issue on a amd system. It has Nepton 280 L liquid cooler. The system has AMD Fx8350 cpu with 8GB ram and dual graphic card. I had applied Nepton 280 L liquid cooler on the same that looks to be working fine. But when I am editing some videos there is loud fan noise. The system also starts freezing. This only occur on video editing and something playing games.Other time the system works great.

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    Re: Cooling problem with Nepton 280 L liquid cooler

    I will recommend you to install a cpu temp monitor software on your system. Just install that and check I am sure you will be able to notice what the problem is. you can install HWmonitor. It is one of the best and effective software to give you right temperature. If the cpu is heating up then it means there is some problem in the cooler. You have to check the fitting.

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    Re: Cooling problem with Nepton 280 L liquid cooler

    How old the cooler is. If it is very old then it means the liquid inside is either dried or it leaked. Due to which it is not able to keep the system cool. You have to replace that. Sometime the same problem also occur if the heat-sink is finished. You have to remove it and replace the heat-sink and apply it back. Then check the temperature. I think this will resolve the problem.

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    Re: Cooling problem with Nepton 280 L liquid cooler

    I think it is a fitting issue. You can make it work by re-fixing. You have to clean the heat-sink on the bottom and apply a better one. There are sticker type heat-sink available. You can place that on the top of cpu. This will keep the cpu more cooler. It is a heating issue I think. Just check the internal fans also. I hope they must be also spinning fast. You can see the fan rpm in hwmonitor.

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