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Thread: Distortion problem on Xonar U7 sound card

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    Distortion problem on Xonar U7 sound card

    My uncle is using Xonar U7 compact sound card. It is a Echelon edition. This sound card looks to be amazing, but when I connected my 7.1 surround sound audio channel the quality is pathetic. My speakers are good. There is huge amount of distortion. It is almost impossible to listen on loud audio. I am trying to play some blu ray videos, but this sound is not helping.

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    Re: Distortion problem on Xonar U7 sound card

    If you are using the sound card in your system then it means there is a bit problem with the installation. It is a compact sound card and provide amazing audio output. you might have not installed it or connected it properly due to which you are facing this problem. Just re-install everything back again. Get the latest audio driver and check back. This will help.

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    Re: Distortion problem on Xonar U7 sound card

    Check the connection. My friend has a similar sound card. He has connected his speakers on it and this works really amazing. There are some features you have to configure after installing its drivers. That might enhance the audio output. This sound card is capable of giving you high audio quality. It can be surely a connectivity problem.

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    Re: Distortion problem on Xonar U7 sound card

    I am having very bad experience with external portable sound cards. That is the reason I never trust this. Compare this when you have a internal one then ti works more nicely. It is hooked on your motherboard and capable of giving you great sound output. Through the audio control panel you can apply various effects on the same.

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