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Thread: USB 3.0 external hard drive disconnecting constantly

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    USB 3.0 external hard drive disconnecting constantly

    I have bought a USB 3.0 External hard drive and it seems that this drive randomly disconnects when I connect it in my computer. All the other usb 2.0 external drives are working flawlessly and I use them for large storage but transfer speed is what matters here alot. Now, I am getting frequent random disconnects with the USB 3.0 drives and I dont know why. If anyone could help me out for solving this issue, it would be appreciated.

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    Re: USB 3.0 external hard drive disconnecting constantly

    Can you let us know about your computer sepcifications, what operating system you have installed and what is your external drive? I was using a western digital hard drive that used to disconnect on the USB 3.0 port but later on when I installed the usb 3.0 drivers in my pc then it worked fine. Also, it used to work fine on the USB 2.0 port without any trouble.

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    Re: USB 3.0 external hard drive disconnecting constantly

    I was also facing the same problem with this usb 3.0 drives. Later on I found out that this usb 3.0 drives were having some power saving mode which makes the drive power down. So to solve this issue, go to Control Panel > Power Options > Change plan settings > Change advanced Power Settings > Usb settings > Usb selective suspend setting and set the plugged in option to disabled.

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    Re: USB 3.0 external hard drive disconnecting constantly

    The above method works for some and if it doesnt work then note also that you will have to install the latest Usb 3.0 drivers in your pc. After that you need to go to Device Manager and search for the USB Root Hubs > go to Properties and then Power Management Tab and also uncheck the settings which are listed there. Now you will not face this problem anymore.

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