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Thread: Need Help with external partition

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    Need Help with external partition

    I recently replaced Hard Disk Drive & went to a local retailer to install os,but he put it with bootable pendrive & when i cam to home. I put my pendrive to move some data but i was getting my pendrive shortcut but files were accessable & location of pendrive was under Local Disk C windows,system32 pen drive format was fat32 & i put my memory card via card reader & some how i turned it to readybooster forget to mention that Local Disk was showing 202gb free of 205gb & i delete it to create a new but then it turned into Logical Drive both my pendrive & memory card turned into primary partition & i straight away went to reinstall os by myself & i was not able to create any partition except Local Disk C then i use some partition assistant by Aoemi & i was able to delete the both pendrive & memory card partitions then i reinstall again the os this time i was able to create partitions & i created 3 C,D&E. I was really happy then i Plugin both the usb flashes but it showed unallocated space in disk management but not able to open them in explorer error shows need to format i tried to format but again error windows not able to format then i again create the partition from them & these turned to primary partitions.Now my question is if i buy a new pendrive will it also turn into partition like what mine turned to fat32 itself after installation of os by a bootable pendrive

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    Re: Need Help with external partition

    First of all you need to break sentences in your queries because it is very difficult to read anything from it. Secondly, you can download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool by searching on the net and install it in your pc. This tool works as a utility for formatting USB media or audio player. The application will provide a full formatting for the media player. It can format FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems, but it also allows you to create bootable or bootable usb keys.

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    Re: Need Help with external partition

    Hi Ishfaq,
    You have done lot of exercises, now if you still have the partition then right click on each of the partition & try to quick format it, it will shows you the memory else make new partitions & do the same work.

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