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Thread: Corsair Force F120 SSD dead

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    Corsair Force F120 SSD dead

    I have been using the Corsair Force F120 ssd for 3 years now and it was working wonderfully. But when I tried to set it today then my computer was not able to recognize the drive. Even in the BIOS it is not visible. Actually I was not using the SSD for last 2 months because there was some issue with my laptop before and not the SSD, so I took it out and kept it in my desk. Anyhow, if someone can tell me how to get this SSD to work again then it will be helpful. Thanks

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    Re: Corsair Force F120 SSD dead

    Since the SSD is not even recognized in the BIOS then you will not be able to do anything to get the SSD to work again. Even if you plug it in the other computer it will not work. Since you have used the SSD to its limit so it might have died and because its warranty period might be also over you wont get a replacement for your dead SSD as well.

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    Re: Corsair Force F120 SSD dead

    There isnt any real answer for the SSD going through a failure since hardware parts do wear out when it has reached its limit. All electrical or mechanical device someday or the later has to die because the circuits inside them gets weak over time and thus short out. But anyhow, you have managed the SSD for 3 years which is quite a achievement for sure.

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    Re: Corsair Force F120 SSD dead

    Well, the least you can do is call their customer service through a phone and ask them for the replacement for your SSD if it is under warranty. If it is not under warranty then try to atleast ask if the SSD can be repaired. You can also try to call them using Skype by calling their toll-free number that is given on their official website. Just make sure to keep the model number of the Corsair SSD and its purchase date handy when they ask for same.

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