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Thread: Antec P100 case for building up file server

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    Antec P100 case for building up file server

    I found Antec P100 cpu case. This is a new one which is released in the market and I found it really impressive. I am looking for a simple case that can help me to add different hard drive and built up simple file server. I am unable to get the cost here. The case has impressive look and amazing. I hope this is a budget case. I won't be able to pay really high but reasonable enough to get a decent case.

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    Re: Antec P100 case for building up file server

    Antec P100 is a new case but yet no information is revealed on the same. It is a nice case that will fulfill your need and also ha a very nice design. I will recommend you to go ahead with it if you can find that in your retail shop.

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    Re: Antec P100 case for building up file server

    Antec P100 is a full size stylish case. It is costly but it is amazing. It has nice set of drive bays where you can build your own extreme system. Now if you can afford you can go for the same or else other reason is to checkout some budget case in the market. There are more impressive cases provides by Antec that you can buy. I am sure you can find some reasonable models. Full size case are pain to move from one place to another. You have to check a reasonable size that is fixed enough and allow you simple management. That will not give you good design but still the output will the same which you are going to get in the regular one. I am sure you will find some good case in the market. Try to search for models first on online website and then you can go ahead with looking for price difference in different retail outlet.

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    Re: Antec P100 case for building up file server

    I know one good case. It is Cooler Master Elite 430. This is a budget case that comes with better upgrades. It is similar to standard case that we use, but has a bit more additional spacing to hook up more storage. Check this one.

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    Re: Antec P100 case for building up file server

    Antec P100 is a good case. I will recommend this one for day to day and gaming use. The case deliver a good design with ample of cooling solution. That matters a lot. Recently my friend bought a Corsair case. It was a mid tower with 2 fan opening on the top and front side. But the space inside was conjusted. After adding the board and graphic card you almost have no space left for proper airflow. It was a costly case and changing that is not possible. So you must always buy a case after checking. That means go to any nearby shop and verify the size and design. Check the element and build material and then only go ahead with purchase. It is not easy to judge the size through photos. You have to manually see it how it looks and what amount of space it gives you to add different hardware in it.

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