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Thread: New in the current series of iMac released by Apple

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    New in the current series of iMac released by Apple

    Apple has launched its new series of iMac systems. The lowest one starts form Rs.1,00,000. That is really costly. But the system provided by Apple are amazing. They offer great performance and good output also. I had seen iMacs at mall, which are amazing. I am planing to get one. I want some more information on the series. The display and hardware config. Because compare to this one the older one is more affordable.

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    Re: New in the current series of iMac released by Apple

    The benefit of getting new series is better hardware and more enhanced system. You can still go for the older one but you might not get the right kind of output you are looking for. Go for the new one only. It is amazing. You can checkout the detail info on official site with pricing.

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    Re: New in the current series of iMac released by Apple

    The new series is powered by Quad Core Intel Hashwell processor. And also the graphics are more enhanced with the next generation wifi technology on it. For storage it gives you Pcie Flash solution which is faster and amazing. The new series is more powerful. It gives you a set of different models based on different hardware config and you can choose the one which fits your need well. The first model is a 2.15inch all in one desktop which is the entry level model. This model has a 2.7Ghz Quad core processor. It runs on a more enhanced graphics which gives it s amazing output. And the other one is a high end mode that comes with 27inch screen size. It is more powerful. It gives you a 3.5Ghz Quad Core Intel Core i5 processor with Nvidia GeForce 700 series gpu. This much more faster compare to the entry level model. For gaming this model is simply amazing. Many high end system has maximum 3GB graphic memory while the high end series offer you 4GB. The systems are simply amazing. Loaded with 8GB ram and 1TB hard drive you have everything packed inside the system. You can add upto 32GBo f ram on it and increase the upgrade to 3TB. For data transfer it has a usb 3.0 connectivity with thunderbolt port. So here we are having a really high end pc with amazing power and a value for money product.

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    Re: New in the current series of iMac released by Apple

    Apple always gives amazing models. I had seen the iMacs they are great. They have great graphics and the output is also amazing. It works well and has no issue with the output. The only problem lies with the game. Not all games are ported for this platform.

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    Re: New in the current series of iMac released by Apple

    For office usage I think iMacs are great. They give you the best hardware config and are amazing enough to work well. This are ideal for all purpose. Once you buy them there is no need to go for any future upgrades. The models are just announced. With amazing quad core processor this systems are best for multi-tasking. They work well and offer you a feature system with great hardware support. Every new product of Apple has something different and unique. They are loaded with the new Fusion drive technology. Entire storage inside is flash. That means this drives you double speed compare to the regular system. So here if you are paying high then you are paying for a amazing system. You are not paying for outdated one. High performance processor, hard drive, great screen makes it a ultra smart pc for all purpose. The desktop screen is amazing. It is a hd screen with great output. Also Apple has enhanced the security in it. The OS used inside is OS X Mountain Lion which offers a iCloud integration. So that you can store your data online also.

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