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Thread: best between SSHD and SSD

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    best between SSHD and SSD

    I am looking to upgrade my hard drive in my computer which is quite old now. So after searching, I found 2 drives: Samsung 840 SSD and the Seagate Hybrid SSHD. I was wondering what is this new SSHD storage drive, is it superior than any normal hard drives or SSD? If not then I will probably go with the SSD that wont consume much space in my computer case. Thanks

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    Re: best between SSHD and SSD

    My friend is using a 500GB SSHD in this computer and has set it up as the boot drive. His system with Windows 8 boots very fast on the SSHD compared to SSD but there are some tasks when you perform like installing drivers or loading a game or even running benchmark on the SSHD then it will take some time to load up.

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    Re: best between SSHD and SSD

    Yeah, even I agree that you will get a good performance with the SSD compared to the hybrid drive. There is only somewhat little performance with caches data to the SSHD that you will get and not much. You will get similar hard drive type performance with the SSHD if you are doing virus scans but some other things like boot time will be very fast like a normal SSD.

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    Re: best between SSHD and SSD

    The Samsung 840 Pro will eventually give you great improvement if you use it with a 500GB external drive and usb 3.0 port. With this SSD you will get the OS to boot quickly in seconds and also the program will load much faster. You wont even face lags at the time of multi-tasking and there will be also not much noise produced if you will notice.

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