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Thread: Cannot print pdf files from HP Officejet Pro 3620

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    Cannot print pdf files from HP Officejet Pro 3620

    My printer is having some problem to print pdf files. I am not getting any error message on the screen. A few minutes letter HP box appear saying that it is unable to print the document. In the printer utility I can see error next to the print given. I am using HP Officejet Pro 3620. This printer looks amazing and has lots of new features. But I am not able to find what is wrong with pdf files here.

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    Re: Cannot print pdf files from HP Officejet Pro 3620

    Try to check the printer properties. This file might be having the wrong page size or some issue due to which it gives you error while printer. You can try uploading the file on Google Drive and then print from there. This might work.

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    Re: Cannot print pdf files from HP Officejet Pro 3620

    Looks like some issue with Adobe Acrobat. Try to update it first or re-installation the same is good thing. You can get the latest version from the official site. Remove the existing one and then install it back. There are are some software which you can use to print the file as a image and then you can print it back from the printer. It looks the printer is unable to read the file due to which it is giving error. Also the issue can be associated with printer properties. Try to print some other documents like a text file or a word file. See whether you are getting the right output or not. If not then the issue is with the printer. Reconfigure the settings back. Check the cable and other stuff and then try back. This would work. The latest thing you can do is download a application called as DoPDF. I use this app to convert anything into a pdf file. Like a web page. It will add a virtual pdf printer in your system. Print to pdf or image through it and then print the file back. This might help to resolve the problem.

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    Re: Cannot print pdf files from HP Officejet Pro 3620

    Just verify the page settings. Try to print it again by modifying the properties. Set everything as per A4 size and then try back. If still it does not work the file is having some issue. Try printing it some other format. You can convert it into images.

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