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Thread: UPS stopped working after connecting a Laser printer

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    UPS stopped working after connecting a Laser printer

    I use a ups printer on which I had connected my cpu, monitor and a spikeguard for charging mobile phones. There is one socket left. Recently I had bought a new laser printer and I connected the same on it. When I turned on everything there was a sound from the ups and it turned off. Now it is not working. It is not turning on at all. From upper side it does not looks like damage. There was just a sound of some spark I think.

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    Re: UPS stopped working after connecting a Laser printer

    It is damaged. The battery is gone. You have to contact the repair guy for that. Just contact him. He might have to replace the battery inside it and then it will work. That is a costly fix. Or the best you can do is get a new one if your existing ups is very old.

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    Re: UPS stopped working after connecting a Laser printer

    I too think the battery blew up. This is a common issue with ups. Now here you had connected too many stuff on your ups. Why you need a spike guard on it. Whichever device which runs on battery does not have to worry about power stuff. You can connect the spike guard to a direct power outlet and charge the phone. You can also connect the monitor on that. For cpu case only use the ups. Other things like printer, scanner, chargers, use a direct power outlet. No need to hook them on the ups. You are just giving extra pressure on it. Most of the ups comes with warranty. So you have to contact them. They might replace the battery free. From your end do not attempt to do anything. This battery still holds electric current and cause accident if you open it on your own and try out checkout stuff. If possible carry it to a good repair shop. There are certain things you must check to avoid this kind of stuff. Now it is not necessary that using too much device on it can cause this problem. It can be also due to overheating. Increasing temperature has caused the failure. Try to shut down the same between 2 hours in summer time. This will lower down the temperature.

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    Re: UPS stopped working after connecting a Laser printer

    My ups was damage in the same way. I a not working in a AC environment and I purchased a portable ups for my laptop. This battery blew up due to hot temperature which was not repairable. Now the charge is high for that so I kept it aside.

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    Re: UPS stopped working after connecting a Laser printer

    In this case things can be only fixed by replacing the battery. When you add multiple devices on the ups, more power is drawn. There are certain applications available which can help you to keep a close watch on the ups status. And on that basis you can troubleshoot a set of problem appeared. It can give you a live view of temperature and the complete battery usage. The software offer you a bit clear view on the battery status. Many people also let the ups connected to power source 24x7. This also affects the battery life. It puts a bit pressure on the same and can cause failure. So when your ups is full charged just disconnect it from the power source for sometime. This might be helpful to increase its life. Viewpower 2.11 is a good software that can be used to manage the ups. It allows you some advance options which are helpful.

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