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Thread: Buying advice on large fountain speakers

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    Buying advice on large fountain speakers

    Does anyone sells fountain speakers in India. I am looking for a budget model. I can see small size speakers on ebay. But the shipping cost makes them too costly. So I am looking for a local brand. I think that would be more cheaper. I had checked all brands in the market like Creative. None of them are selling fountain speakers. I need the same in affordable range.

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    Re: Buying advice on large fountain speakers

    Did you tried ebay. Go on that and search for fountain speakers. I am sure you will get some models on it. Forget about the brand. Most of them will be china product. And also cheaper compare to models you are getting in international market.

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    Re: Buying advice on large fountain speakers

    I got one on LED Water Light Fountain Laptop speaker. It comes for Rs.1600 with free shipping. It is not branded. The speakers looks to be made from low quality. The build is not so great. There are very few models available. While if you see on you can find more better models. Most of them comes with led light and a water compartment on the top side. Fountain speakers are not so popular that is the reason it is not sold by brands. You can get portable easily. In international market you can buy the same at a price of $25. The product also looks impressive. Another place to find the same thing is on Amazon. Which has more range in this product series. Right now I think it is not worth to spend money on fountain speakers. The best thing you can do is buy a portable one. Which comes with different shape and size and also it is widely available. Two speakers which I found really impressive. The first is
    JBL Bass Port Micro-II that comes for Rs.1900 and the second one is X-mini II XAM4 that comes for Rs.2000. Just check the design yourself.

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    Re: Buying advice on large fountain speakers

    Fountain speakers are not worth enough to spend that much amount. That is because of poor audio output. It is necessary that you must go for a better. Even led speakers are not cool enough.

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