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Thread: Advice for more than 30TB storage solution

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    Advice for more than 30TB storage solution

    What is better to do for getting a high storage solution. I am looking forward to have more than 30TB of storage configured at my office. This will be only for internal use. Rightnow we are having only 16TB which is almost occupied and I think by this year end the entire 30TB will be used up. So what will be better to do here. NAS is ok or I should go for bigger data storage solution.

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    Re: Advice for more than 30TB storage solution

    NAS remains under your control. That is the reason many prefer it. Now you might be using a 4bay NAS drive with 4TB hard drive each. You can go for more higher one here. That will cost more but is effective.

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    Re: Advice for more than 30TB storage solution

    You can easily buy a 8 to 10 bay Nas solution. Where you can hook upto 10 drive offering you 40TB of data storage solution. You can buy multiple and expand your storage. NAS is one of the most easiest solution for everyone. Because it requires minimum configuration. You just have to hook a drive on the lan network and done. The storage space comes visible to everyone. Through a good NAS os you can manage and control a number of different things. You can setup disk quota and enhance the security. High capacity NAS bays gives you industrial level performance. They are also quiet costly. Right now you can go for 10GbE NAS solution. TS-1270U-RP provides you 12bay solution where you can add upto 12 high capacity hard drive. I think 4TB is the maximum drive size we can get. Along with this you can configure a mirror backup solution also. So that in case of any issue you can simply restore your entire data back again.In terms of storage you can keep on increasing your storage capacity by multiplying the bays. But there is nothing like unlimited. At some point the data space will end. You will need a powerful tool to manage everything.

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    Re: Advice for more than 30TB storage solution

    I am having two 4 bay nas drives configured. To increase the storage I upgraded the hard drive from 1TB to 4TB. I think 32TB is more than enough for anyone. Nas bays are good solution here.

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