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Thread: Adding PC Surround Sound Speakers on TV

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    Adding PC Surround Sound Speakers on TV

    I want to add my pc speakers on my home theater system. I am having a big wide screen tv which is connected to a blu ray player. Now I have speakers but they are not proper. They are low profile which does not offer good surround sound experience. I had purchased a 5.1 audio speaker for my pc. Which looks great and has awesome sound output. I want to hook them on the TV will it work.

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    Re: Adding PC Surround Sound Speakers on TV

    It is possible if your TV or blu ray player has a 3.5mm audio jack. Just check on the back side where all the connection lies. Most of the new models comes with it. What about the TV speakers. They might give you better output.

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    Re: Adding PC Surround Sound Speakers on TV

    Usually TV and blu ray player does not really comes with 3.5mm audio jack. The most common connection for audio output is rca. Now you will need to buy a 3.5mm audio to rca adapter which is widely available on web and you can also find that in any hardware shop. At one side you will need to connect the speaker port and on the other you will need to connect the rca cables to your TV or home theater port. Many home theater system comes with different audio channel. They are defined on the basis of connections. You just have to hook it properly. The sound output mostly relies on the type of player you are using. Like if you are connecting the TV directly to the speakers then check the tv audio settings. You can find a set of different modes that apply the effect. In the same way if you are connecting it to the blu ray player then you have to manage the settings from it. I do not really think you are going to get good output. Many blu ray player comes with a pair of speakers. Only on them you can get a good audio output. PC speakers are bit different compare to the one which we use on home theater system.

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    Re: Adding PC Surround Sound Speakers on TV

    The output depend on the type of video you have and on the audio settings. Checkout the enchantment settings here. For good setup it is better if you take help from some person who is capable of giving you proper suggestion.

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    Re: Adding PC Surround Sound Speakers on TV

    To save your time the best thing you can do is buy a surround sound system. You can choose from 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1. Manual connectivity is very complicated. Configuring speakers on amplifier are more helpful because it protects the entire system for damage. The next thing which matter is proper placement. A ready to use system offers you hassle free connectivity and saves time also. While in manual adjustment you will need to mess with number of different things. It is complicated to configure a surround sound system manually. Because it might require proper setup. In 2.1 speakers system you have to place everything on the front side only while in 5.1 you will need to adjust the position. Or else the sound output is affected. There are some informative articles available on the web which can give you clear information on configuration of a nice 5.1 audio channel. For pc speaker connectivity is not a problem. But to get the right output you have to adjust the places properly. Or else the audio quality will be affected.

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