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Thread: Speaker stopped working after cleaning pc

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    Speaker stopped working after cleaning pc

    My speaker suddenly stopped working. I was cleaning my system. There was some problem. It was restarting on its own. When I open the case there was lots of dust inside. I cleaned it by disconnecting everything. Now it is completely clear. Now after reconnection the system did not started at once. After a few try it worked and there is no issue now. But there is no audio at all.

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    Re: Speaker stopped working after cleaning pc

    If you are using the front audio port then try to check the cables. See that it s fixed well on the motherboard. The connector will be marked as F Audio. Just place the connection port on the board connection and done.

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    Re: Speaker stopped working after cleaning pc

    It looks your system is having some issue with the motherboard. First you said that your system is simply restarting on its own. So that can be due to faulty smps. First use your pc for some hour and see whether it is restarting or not. If it is then you have to checkout other things also. Go in bios and checkout that your cpu is heating or not. Sometime the fans fails to work properly. For audio I can advice you to checkout the drivers first. When a audio driver is installed you can see a small icon on the system tray to increase and decrease the volume. Just check see whether that icon is visible or not. If it is visible then the driver is installed. But if not then the the issue lies with the audio hardware. Right click on My Computer and click on Manage. In that look for Device Manager. And see that all the hardware are properly installed or not. You can find a separate section of audio devices. If that is not visible then your audio chip has a issue. You can either check in bios first to find out whether it is working fine or not. If that fails then you have to carry the board to your nearest service center for repair.

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    Re: Speaker stopped working after cleaning pc

    It is motherboard fault. Carry the board to service center. My audio port had also start stopped working on its own. It is a common problem in old motherboard. The charges will be minimal on it.

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    Re: Speaker stopped working after cleaning pc

    Flashing bios can help you here. But you have to find the right bios version. Long before my pc was restarting continuously. I checked everything but not able to figure out the cause. Then on the official website of motherboard manufacturer I found a bios update utility. After running that the system became stable. It was working fine. After update there were some new hardware detected in the system. It was a raid controller. Bios flashing is easy today. Many motherboard manufacturer gives you a ready to use utility for that. Or you can just copy the bin file in your usb and run the update through that. It is simple. A number of issues are resolved after bios update. While updating driver can help you only if there is no hardware fault. The hardware must be visible in device manager.

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