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Thread: Not able to charge my mobile phone through 10 port usb hub

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    Not able to charge my mobile phone through 10 port usb hub

    My mobile model is Nokia E71. It works on a thin pin adapter. My charged stopped working. So I use a usb cable which has a composite thin pin available for charging. The phone charge well from the front side. Later on purchased a 10port usb hub. But when I connect the phone on it, it does not charge. The adapter works fine with different usb drives. But I am unable to use it like a charge. Doe a 10 port usb port does not support usb charging.

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    Re: Not able to charge my mobile phone through 10 port usb hub

    I am having 4 port hub that works fine. I am charging my phone through micro usb adapter. The same cable also works for my tablet. I think there is some kind of problem with the usb hub.

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    Re: Not able to charge my mobile phone through 10 port usb hub

    The issue does not lies with that hub. The issue lies with the power. Many 10 port usb hub comes with a separate power adapter. You have to connect that adapter to the port and then to the power source. After that you can use around 10 devices at the same time. A usb port of a pc has a limitation of provided power to connected devices. Due to which sometime when you connect multiple devices some of them will not work due to absence of adequate power. That is the only issue. If you add a external power source to the usb drive, then there is nothing to worry about charging stuff. At a time you can use more than 10 devices and everything will work. I also own a similar type of usb hub. It has a power adapter. When the power is turned off, charging does not work on it, but I can use pen drive on it. And charging only works when I turn it on. Also the data transfer speed is increased. So just check your hub properly. There would be a power jack available on that. So you have to connect a external power source so that all other devices can get adequate power supply and on the same hand the performance will be also better.

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    Re: Not able to charge my mobile phone through 10 port usb hub

    Thanks for the suggestion. I checked. The package came with a power adapter. I never thought I have to use that on the usb hub. After connecting it to the external power source the charging started working and there is no issue at all.

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