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Thread: MMORPG Keyboard Mouse placement problem

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    MMORPG Keyboard Mouse placement problem

    I am trying to setup my gaming pc back again from scratch. I am just stucked with a problem here. The most complicated part now is settings up the keyboard mouse. I am not having a wireless setup here. All is wired. Now on the desk there is a usb hub, a mouse pad, and some additional devices. I had connected usb cables for charging my phone and tablet. This is really annoying here. I play a lot of mmorpg game. After moving everything is messed up.

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    Re: MMORPG Keyboard Mouse placement problem

    It is a hard time for gamer when he tries to play game on messed up desk. I will advice you to simply buy a wireless keyboard mouse combo pack and site at some comfortable for playing games. That will be more better.

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    Re: MMORPG Keyboard Mouse placement problem

    That is the reason I use gamepads. They are more comfortable to play. Recently I had installed Mortal Combat on my laptop. Which looks to be working fine but with keyboards the control was pathetic. I was not able to do anything here. It is so complicated. I ordered a gamepad. It is more easier and you do not require to mess with mouse and keyboards buttons. I will recommend you to get that one. There are ample of models available in different price range. For mmorpg it is a bit complicated to use those things. Because for aiming we usually have habit of using a mouse. The best thing you can do is simply buy some kind of keyboard pads. You can then place the keyboard on that or on your lap through the pad and play games are per your need. But the issue lies is with the placement. On my desk the mouse always get less pace. Due to which the movement is affected. And you cannot place it somewhere else which is uncomfortable to manage.

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    Re: MMORPG Keyboard Mouse placement problem

    I never had issue with my keyboard and mouse. I am using a old one which comes with ps2 connector. You have to adjust your hands properly on it and done. It will work fine there will be no issue is using them.

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    Re: MMORPG Keyboard Mouse placement problem

    Somehow if you play game for long time then you will surely get annoyed. For a keyboard when you use those wasd keys I keep a pad below. That comes with wrist rest. And for mouse I am using a separate place which is more broader. Because when you are playing games like COD or Battlefield our hands moves at larger area. The keyboard does not require any special placement but the mouse needs proper setup. So it is necessary that you must simply make appropriate space if you want to play for long time. While the second thing you can do is buy a good wifi keyboard mouse combo and sit a distance. You can just get some flat pads, site on couch relax and play games. This is one of the best way I think.

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