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Thread: High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

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    High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    Want some help to find a high end sound card. I have to suggest one to my client who is a DJ. I had seen some creative cards, which are costly but I am not so technical advance to find out which one is better. The price here does not really matters, what matters is the quality and output. The sound card must be capable of processing best audio quality with fast conversion rate also.

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    Re: High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    Choose any high end model from Creative. They are best one to give sound hardware. Creative has a sound blaster series of card which are high end and capable of giving you processed audio. You can visit the official site for more info.

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    Re: High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    For high end sound output you will surely need a exclusive hardware. Instead of wasting time on internet you can simply go on which is a high end audio card series by Creative. Under each model you will get two kind of devices. One is headset and the other one is sound card. Creative offers cards on the basis of gaming and multimedia. The fatality series is one of the best products I had ever seen. I had Recon 3D sound card which is simply awesome in terms of output. It offers you a IO controller also through which you can manage the audio and do a number of different things. The sound card comes with a dedicated audio processor which enhance the output. It is powered by Sour Core 3D cpu which is simply great. The output will be changed completely. Also it offers you to use THX Tru Studio technology by which you can have theater kind of experience at your home. So if you are looking for the best card series then just go for this one.

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    Re: High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    I will also recommend you to go with Fatality sound card series. This is one of the best and costly also. But it is a one time upgrade so you do not require to rely on future upgrades. Do not forget to get a good set of headphones also in the same series.

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    Re: High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    Asus Xonar Essence STX is another great card. I had experienced the output in my office that looks to be working really well. The sound card is capable of offering you 1245dB output with all new features. It is quiet designed for professional usage. The card offer you fine gold capacitors which are also durable in usage. The capacitors are capable of delivering you dynamic performance and making the output far more better. The card has a dedicated headphone amplifier. This amp fixes the audio in headphone delivering rich output. Along with this it gives you swappable OPAmp socket to configure the sound color. Just checkout the specs on official site for more info.

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    Re: High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    Many high end motherboard comes with onboard audio chip which is great enough to give you high end output. You can just stick with same. Because the amount which you will pay for the card, at the same price you can get a high end gaming board.

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    Re: High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    That is not a valid solution. When we talk about audio work, the best audio hardware is needed. Because some good audio can be only heard on a good hardware. There are wide range of card available on the web that you cab buy on the basis of your requirement. The best one among all is ASUS Xonar Essence STX. It is one of the costly and best card available in the market which is great enough to give you rich audio output instantly. While there is one more card available is HT Omega Striker 7.1. This is a bit reasonable card available in the market which has the same kind of output but at a reasonable price.

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