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Thread: Seagate 2TB one partition disappear while others are working

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    Seagate 2TB one partition disappear while others are working

    Suddenly something happen and a partition which was having my important data disappear. I had created 4 partition in my system. Among which one has all software and important data. I have some project files which I kept in that partition. While other are loaded with movies and games. I was cleaning my pc and after reconnecting everything a single partition is not visible. How can I get that back.

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    Re: Seagate 2TB one partition disappear while others are working

    That usually does not happen. I think you had dropped the hard drive. I had gone with the same issue. I was having a 320GB hard drive which accidentally felled from my hand. Fortunately it was working but two partition in it disappear which were not recoverable.

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    Re: Seagate 2TB one partition disappear while others are working

    Partition disappear if there is some issue with the mbr. It is essential that you must check that in disk management. Right click on My Computer and then click on Manage. Click on Disk Management at the bottom side. You can see all the partitions there. Try to locate the missing partition. If it is written healthy then the issue lies with drive path. You just need to right click on that, and click on change drive/partition path. Assign a letter and done. That is the easiest way to fix the issue if the partition is working. If it is not visible then that part of your hard drive is damaged. You cannot recover that. Sometime due to electrostatic current or shock a particular platter is gone. This can put adverse effect on your drive performance. And it also does not comes under warranty. Because it is dropped by you. Try some data recovery software. That might help you to get your data back.

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    Re: Seagate 2TB one partition disappear while others are working

    Try Active Partition Recovery. This is one of the best tool to recover delete partitions. It works well if partition is accidentally deleted or modified. You can scan your system with this which will give you more information on the damage or missing partition.

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    Re: Seagate 2TB one partition disappear while others are working

    First of all it is necessary to locate the partition. If it is not visible then it means that part of the drive is damage or not proper. Second thing if it is located then there are some tools which can help you to restore the old mbr. The mbr has all information about drive letter and other partition info. A tool called as Test Disk can help you to recover. This is the last chance here. Download Test Disk and extract the setup on your desktop. It is a dos based application. Check all the options in it firt. You will need to run scan for deleted partition. If this utility finds your partition then there are chances of getting everything back. But if this tool is not able to find the deleted partition then it is damaged and is not recoverable. You can still try using some third party partition recovery tools.

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