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Thread: Internal TV Tuner card vs External for recording HD TV programs

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    Internal TV Tuner card vs External for recording HD TV programs

    I am stuck between a confusion to buy the right TV tuner card for my system. I am getting a usb tv tuner card at a cheap rate. It is a old card which is used by my friend and he is selling it off. While I a saw a good one at shop which promises more features and better HD recording. So which can be better here. I just want to record some programs which are broadcast in hd format. I want good quality videos here.

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    Re: Internal TV Tuner card vs External for recording HD TV programs

    I think internal cards are really good. The only issue lies with them is that you have to turn on the pc to watch TV. While for external there is no need to rely on the pc. But for recording internal are really good. Go for internal.

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    Re: Internal TV Tuner card vs External for recording HD TV programs

    I will also go with internal TV Tuner card. They are cheaper and easy to configure. They remain packed inside the desktop and keeps on recording your programs. The cheapest one is Umax Tvision UTV 8300i TV Tuner which comes for Rs.900. This card has a remote also. In order to understand the type of video quality it is going to offer, you will need to understand the complete specification. Or else it will be complicated for you to decide which model is good here. As per specs, the card which I had suggested you offers you 720 x 576 pixels resolution. That is a standard output. It offers you in MPEG-2 and SVI formats. The resolution as mentioned is only around 720x576. Which is actually low. Now if you are looking for more higher resolution then you will have to go for a more powerful card. When we talk about HD here then the output is over 720p. That is the minimum I am talking under consideration. The card price will keep on increasing as you go for more a higher card. Here AverMedia AVerTV Ultra PCI-E RDS comes for Rs.5900 and offers you maximum resolution for 1920 x 1080 pixels. But the price is high.

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    Re: Internal TV Tuner card vs External for recording HD TV programs

    What is the max resolution you are getting on that usb card. Can you state the model. You can also try to find the complete specs on web so that if it is good enough you can buy it. There is no big difference between the performance of a external or internal TV tuner card. All matters it the recording resolution.

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    Re: Internal TV Tuner card vs External for recording HD TV programs

    There are very few external TV tuner card which are better in terms of output. But you can find a really long series under internal cards. I will recommend you to go for Umax Tvision TV 5821 LCD TV Tuner. This is a external TV tuner card which comes for Rs. 1300. The TV tuner device offers you a more better resolution. It is around 1920 x 1080 pixels. So here you are getting more higher amount of resolution. It is a external card that also comes with a remote. Along with regular TV recording it also offers you from radio. So that you can simply switch to favorite radio channels also. There are no special features available on this. This would be the best one according to me in terms of output. While if you go for looking out for more features the more you have to pay. If you are having a good system hardware then you can also use a good screen capture software to record videos. There are ample of them available. But your system must have a graphic card as well it must be able to record hd videos flawlessly which needs good processing power.

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