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Thread: want to buy RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard

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    want to buy RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard

    I am looking to buy a new keyboard and I checked your video on youtube for RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard. Now, I am wondering if this keyboard is only compatible with android phones only because I want it to use on a my computer as well with Windows operating system ofcourse? If it is working fine on Windows then I would get it but if it is not then it is a useless keyboard for me. Thanks

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    Re: want to buy RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard

    The test seems to be done with a tablet only and no where in the video it is mentioned that it can be connected with the pc. So, I am assuming that this RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard is not compatible with Windows PC and it will be compatible only with the android tablets and smartphones. I checked the official website of Rapoo and there are also no manuals available for download, weird.

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    Re: want to buy RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard

    I just checked the faqs question asked on Rapoo website and it was said that the wireless bluetooth keyboard will work under Windows computer with the help of a pairing program that you can download it from here. But it was noted that the multimedia keys will not work on Linux and Mac though.

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    Re: want to buy RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard

    I dont think that the keyboard is compatible with most of the softwares of Windows computer. Because you will require driver support for word and excel multimedia keys which is mentioned on their website. Also, you will have to buy another bluetooth dongle for your pc to connect the RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard to the computer. Better go with another keyboards from logitech or some other brand manufacturers.

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