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Thread: Slow system performance with Corsair Neutron GTX 240 SSD

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    Slow system performance with Corsair Neutron GTX 240 SSD

    My office system is just updated with new Corsair Neutron GTX 240 SSD. I am having one more hard drive. It is a SATA 500GB drive that has all my data. I am working for video editing. So I have ample of projects pending. I asked for SSD upgrade to gain a bit more performance for video editing job. The software that I am using for the same is Adobe Premiere Pro. But still I am not able to get a good output from it. I had moved my data to the SSD only those on which I am going to work.

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    Re: Slow system performance with Corsair Neutron GTX 240 SSD

    SSD are reliable and good in output. I think there can be some issue with the system. I am having a Intel Core i3 system with 8GB ram and 1GB gpu. On that the system goes really well. SSD can boost your performance if your system hardware config is great. I do not think you can get a better output in poor system.

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    Re: Slow system performance with Corsair Neutron GTX 240 SSD

    It will give you a good performance only if you install the operating system on that. You can use the SSD as default location for OS and application. Compare to a regular hard drive, OS and software works really well on a SSD. In regular internal hard drive you have movable parts with platters who's performance is limited on the basis of rpm. The better rpm your drive has the more faster it is going to work. But in SSD this things are not available. It has high speed flash chips which are extreme reliable for data work. So first thing you have to do is install operating system on the SSD first and use the secondary hard disk for backup purpose. Install all software, applications, etc on the SSD only. That will be more appropriate I think. Now if you are using SSD as only location for storing videos then it might not pull data problem due to the second hard drive which is not good in output. Working from scratch would be better. You can begin by taking backup first and then going with fresh setup. Add everything on the SSD and use the other hard drive for data.

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    Re: Slow system performance with Corsair Neutron GTX 240 SSD

    When I bought my dell laptop I added a SSD on the same. It was only dedicated for the operating system. It has improved the system performance to great extent offering a reasonable output over the existing one. But whenever I try to pull large size data from my old drive the performance is affected.

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    Re: Slow system performance with Corsair Neutron GTX 240 SSD

    What kind of performance you are talking about. Can you explain that in more detail. Because here when you add a SSD surely you get good output, but for that you will need to use operating system on it. As mentioned above you have to install the operating system and all other required software and applications on it and then test the same. This would give you major changes in the output. SSD can be slow due to hardware fault. There are some testing tools available that can give you information about the drive performance. They are called as hard drive diagnostic utilities. You can find them on web. SeaTools is one among them. Just download and install it in your pc and scan your SSD for errors. If you find any, then you can contact the vendor for replacement of the same.

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