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Thread: update firmware 5.06 on Corsair Force GT SSD

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    update firmware 5.06 on Corsair Force GT SSD

    I am using a Corsair Force GT 240GB SSD and it is working fine on my pc. I was wondering when we will be able to get our hands on the firmware 5.06 for this SSD series? One of my colleague had purchased a new Force GT 120GB that came with 5.06 firmware but the one that I have has old version of the firmware? So can anyone please tell me from where I can download this firmware for my SSD? Thanks.

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    Re: update firmware 5.06 on Corsair Force GT SSD

    Well, I dont know if there is any updated firmware released for your Corsair Force GT SSD model but you can try to download and use Corsair SSD ToolBox that will update the firmware of your SSD to the latest one, if it is available. Corsair SSD Toolbox also provides technical information about the SSD such as the make, model, storage capacity, firmware version, serial number, the type of interface, SMART information, etc.

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    Re: update firmware 5.06 on Corsair Force GT SSD

    You can download another software called Intel SATA Solid-State Drive Firmware Update Tool that does the same thing of updating the firmware of SSD like Corsair SSD ToolBox. If you are a Windows user, please take advantage of the IntelĀ® SSD Toolbox to perform firmware updates which is the preferred method for most Windows users. If you are an Apple or Linux user, you will continue to use the Intel SSD FUT for firmware updates. More information can be found here.

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    Re: update firmware 5.06 on Corsair Force GT SSD

    I believe that there are no information given about the release of 5.06 firmware for Corsair Force GT SSD 240Gb model and given for public download. Do you have any proof of the same firmware that is installed on any Corsair SSD. It would be also probably good to ask the official Corsair manufacturer whether the firmware for your SSD is available or not.

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