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Thread: Seagate 4TB hdd showing only half capacity

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    Seagate 4TB hdd showing only half capacity

    I am using 2 Seagate 4TB hard drive and they were showing up all 3.75gb capacity in Disk Management. But when I booted up my computer today, then it was onlt showing me 1.7GB space approx. only in Disk Management or so? When I tried to use the SeaTools for Windows, then it was not seeing the drives? When I booted my pc with Seatools in DOS for maxing out the volume then I got an error message saying that "Error on set max addressEXT 3519069871 max LBA." I am on Windows 7 and everything is upto date. I dont know what should I do to solve problem, can anyone please help me out? Thanks

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    Re: Seagate 4TB hdd showing only half capacity

    I guess that you will have to make that hard drive a dynamic disk and then use the GPT before you can use it in your Windows operating system. For that I am afraid you will also need either Windows 7 Pro or Enterprise version or I could be wrong, just check this link for more information - Also, did you try to partition the drive into two 2TB, it is worth a shot and windows might be able to see both the partitions then.

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    Re: Seagate 4TB hdd showing only half capacity

    Did you make sure that the partition table is not a GPT by going into Disk Utility > Partition > Options, if yes, then it will not be able to detect something above 2 TB or so. Just try to reformat the drive because it might be partitioned but only half of the drive is visible. It could be also possible that the enclosure could not read the drive, so try getting a different enclosure and see if that works.

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    Re: Seagate 4TB hdd showing only half capacity

    Well, can you please tell us which motherboard you are using and also what sata driver you have installed? When you go to the Disk Management in your computer then wait for sometime and then right click on the Disk X and then click on Properties and then open the Volumes tab. Here, can you tell us what is listed in the Column parition style, whether it is GPT or MBR?

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