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Thread: Recommend me some best cpu case fan

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    Recommend me some best cpu case fan

    Can anyone recommend me some set of good cpu case fan. I found that my system is getting hot day by day. The place where I kept the system does not has appropriate cooling. Recently the system suddenly turned off while playing games. When I open the case I found that ample of hardware inside are not getting appropriate air cooling due to which the heat is more generated. I am looking for some good set of fans that can allow me to keep the system cooler at the time of games only.

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    Re: Recommend me some best cpu case fan

    It looks that your cpu case is too much cloaked with internal wires or there is absence of air ventilation. It is not good for your system. Your cpu or ram can get damaged due to this. It is recommended that you get a new cpu case that has more space and enough fans inside it. There are different type of tower available. Some of them are gaming tower which has additional options and coslty also, while there are some budget tower also available that gives you enough options to create your own tiny server. Lookout some models under cooler master.

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    Re: Recommend me some best cpu case fan

    Go on Antec website and there you can find a reasonable cpu case. If you want you can add more fans to your existing case but I do not think it is going to help you much. Cooling is very important for every system. You can monitor the cpu temperature through number of different utilities. The reasonable temperature for cpu is between 30 to 40 Degree. Above that is not at all good. Adding fans is not going to help much if there is a graphic card in your system. You need enough space so that air can flow out properly.

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    Re: Recommend me some best cpu case fan

    If you add more fans then you will need to upgrade your power supply also. I did this before. I bought two new fans and hooked them on top and one on the backside. But later I found that due to the fans the cpu is not getting enough power. The hard drive performance was also extremely slow. Later on I changed the power supply. You need a power supply above 440w if you are having a graphic card and willing to add new fans also. Or else your system performance will be degraded to great extent.

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    Re: Recommend me some best cpu case fan

    Do not invest much in fans. It would be a kind of waste of time. It is better you post a complete detail about your system. What is the size of your cpu case. How much fan do you have rightnow. And what is the psu model with watt. Later on I can guide you what can be done. Till the time find a appropriate place for your cpu case. Open the right panel and keep it like that. You can do this for sometime only. Ensure that you keep it away from reach.

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