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Thread: Cannot print on Xerox WorkCentre PE220 in Windows 8

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    Cannot print on Xerox WorkCentre PE220 in Windows 8

    I have a Xerox WorkCentre PE220 at my home which I have been using for a long time. It used to work great when I had Windows XP in my computer. Also it worked properly in Windows 7. But now when I upgraded the operating system to Windows 8, it stopped working. When I connect the printer to the computer does not show any red flag or blue flag. It shows that connection is proper but when print command is given, it fails to print. Can someone sort this problem for me?

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    Re: Cannot print on Xerox WorkCentre PE220 in Windows 8

    Have you upgraded the drivers for the printer that you are using. Maybe the existing drivers that you have installed in your PC are not meant to work with Windows 8. I suggest that you upgrade the drivers for this printer and then try using it with Windows 8 on your PC. If after upgrading the printer does not work, do a clean removal of all the drivers related to Xerox WorkCentre PE220. Then fresh install the new drivers which I think will help you to run this printer properly.

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    Re: Cannot print on Xerox WorkCentre PE220 in Windows 8

    If you are using the developer’s preview or consumer preview of Windows 8, then it can be the case where drivers of Xerox WorkCentre PE220 will not be supported. These versions of Windows 8 are kind of trial versions where they just demonstrate the basic features of this operating system. It will never run every hardware or software in it. So if you are not using final release version of Windows 8, then Xerox WorkCentre PE220 might not run on this operating system. You can install Windows 7 on which the printer was running normally and then use it for your work.

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    Re: Cannot print on Xerox WorkCentre PE220 in Windows 8

    When you installed Windows 8, are you sure that the Xerox WorkCentre PE220 printer was connected to the PC? If yes, then while installing Windows 8 you must have not properly registered it in the system, which is leading to some problem. I suggest that you plug out the printer and then refresh Windows 8 in your computer. After the operating system is refreshed, you can connect the printer again and install the drivers. This might solve the problem and help to print properly.

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