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Thread: Tips for Nexus Q

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    Tips for Nexus Q

    Here are some general and useful tips for Nexus Q

    Restoring Nexus Q to factory setting manually:
    • First Unplug Nexus Q and plug it in again, when ring LED lights up just place your palm on the top of single LED.
    • When the ring LED starts flashing red then continue to place your palm in the same position until ring LED starts displaying rotating blue spot.
    • This will take about 10 seconds and if by mistakenly you move your palm the led will turn solid red and you will have to repeat the same process.
    • If the process starts successfully then you will see ring LED pulsing purple. This indicates that the data is being wiped, when the process gets completed Nexus Q will start up again with rotating blue spot. The rotating blue spot will turn in to a solid color stating that it is ready and has been restored to factory setting successfully.

    Entering bootloader mode without resorting to adb:
    • In order to enter the bootloader mode without resorting to adb you just have to plug in the devices and then cover the center led with palm immediately.
    • You will have to place the palm in same position for some seconds until ring light up red. If you have done it successfully then the device will stay red and you will be in bootloader mode.

    Accessing the hidden traditional Easter eggs of Nexus Q:
    • Many off you might not be aware of the hidden traditional Easter eggs of Nexus Q, so below is what you have to do to access it:
    • Just Plug in your Nexus Q and run the Nexus Q app in your android device and tap Nexus Q ball that appears in the app repeatedly.
    • When you do so you will be coming around special Magic 8-Ball mode where you can question it anything and it will answer you to certain extent.

    Rooting and installing apps In Nexus Q (Try it on your own risk):
    Before starting the rooting processes make sure that you are having ADB installed in your system, ADB is required for unlocking Nexus Q. The process of unlocking Nexus Q is similar to that of other Nexus device.
    • Open command prompt in your computer, connect your Nexus Q to the computer and enter the below command:
      cd platform-tools
      adb reboot bootloader
      fastboot oem unlock
    • Enter single command at a time and hit enter after that, when the device gets unlocked then you can proceed with the further step of rooting and installing application in it.


    • Connect your Nexus Q to the computer open command prompt and enter “adb reboot bootloader” without the quotes. At this time you will find LED turning Solid Red, Once LED turns red place your palm over mute LED while it boots up and wait until it turns to Red again.
    • Now enter “fastboot devices” without the quotes, hit enter and enter “fastboot oem unlock” without the quotes again for unlocking bootloader.
    • After 5 seconds run the fastboot oem unlockaccept after which the user data in the device will get erased and it will reboot.
    • When you are done with the same then Pair your Android device with Nexus Q and enter the device in debug mode.
    • Once you enter the debug mode, transfer Nexus Q Boot Image file for modifying default.prop using the below command:
    • You can get the Nexus Q Boot Image file from here, so after completing the above steps type “adb reboot-bootloader” in command prompt and hit enter. Now for starting the Nexus Q with root permissions type “fastboot boot nexusq-boot.img” and hit enter.

    After completing all these steps you will have a unlocked and rooted Google Nexus Q and you can try installing Applications in it.

    Installing applications:
    • First enable USB debugging on the Nexus Q from your android device advanced setting
    • Now for installing app type the below command and hit enter( Example of angrybird app):
      adb install path/to/app.apk
    • Once the app gets installed launch it using the below command:

    adb shell
    am start name
    am start
    am start (for netflix)
    am start com.rovio.angrybirds/com.rovio.ka3d.App
    Note - Hit enter after every command.

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    Re: Tips for Nexus Q

    Thanks for the tip, I really wasnt aware of the hidden traditional Easter eggs of Nexus Q , it is appearing to be quite interesting. It seems it will act like a magic ball of shown in movies , I will surely give it a try.

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