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Thread: Mac drivers for Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

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    Mac drivers for Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

    Obviously always there is confusion if you use certain brand of computer and prefer an external hardware device of another brand. I am at the same situation. Recently I bought a Logitech HD pro webcam C920 and then went on to install it into my Mac Pro 2010. After installing the webcam when I tried to run the webcam I found that the camera was not working at all as it needed an appropriate driver for the webcam to function. Now the confusion is that which driver I should download. Should I get the drivers from the Logitech site or I should get them from somewhere else. Please guys help me out and let me know what exactly should I do?

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    Re: Mac drivers for Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

    I guess you have no idea about the drivers and other related things. Looks like technically you are too weak. Anyways I will definitely help you knowing the things. Firstly always remember that for an external hardware device that you attach with your computer there is always the requirement of the respective driver. So for your Logitech webcam too you may need a driver as you already guessed out.

    Now talking about the driver as far as I know for a Mac computer I don’t think Logitech has until now come up with any driver supporting C920 webcam. I guess you are too early to buy the webcam before the release of the necessary driver. you should have done enough research before buying the webcam. Anyways, no issues, you can wait for more while and keep checking out the update of C920 at Logitech site. Hopefully then might one day come up with the driver.

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    Re: Mac drivers for Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

    I would like to give you some information about the Logitech webcam drivers. You are not the only one who is looking out for a Logitech webcam driver support for the Mac OS. There are other Mac users who are standing in a queue to buy a Logitech webcam but just because they are not assured about the driver they haven’t purchased. However, I guess you were in a bit hurry. Its not that there will be no drivers for Mac systems, currently Logitech is looking into the issue and however they told that soon they will come up with updates. Due to some drawbacks Logitech failed to release the driver. They have got the driver but the problem is that those drivers are not compatible with the Mac OS applications.

    Mac is at least till now not well working with Logitech. Check on internet you will know more about the webcam driver and the Mac OS compatibility.

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    Re: Mac drivers for Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

    Yeah, you have explained it correctly. Even I read the same; Mac is not friendly or compatible with Logitech webcams. Therefore you will notice that most of the Mac users do not prefer Logitech devices. I am really not sure but I guess there might be third party software that might help your Mac to support the webcam. But I am telling that I am not sure about these things but still you can give it a try. Contact the Logitech Support center.

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