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Thread: Firmware 365A13F0 for SanDisk Ultra SSD

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    Firmware 365A13F0 for SanDisk Ultra SSD

    Time for me to update my Sandisk Ultra SSD firmware! Can anyone help me out with this thing? In the title itself I have specified the Firmware version that I am looking out for. Let me make one thing clear, I have no idea about updating the firmware of any hardware device. In fact I don’t even know from where I can get the desired firmware update for my Ultra SSD 120GB. This is why I am here. I am sure I will get the entire help from searching the firmware to downloading and installing it. Heard a lot about this forum and also the members who help the best way possible. My friend suggested me to post a thread for the firmware search. Let’s see how long I will have to wait here to get a proper result and download location of my SSD’s firmware.

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    Re: Firmware 365A13F0 for SanDisk Ultra SSD

    Here is the download link of the desired firmware version that you are looking out for your Sandisk Ultra SSD 120 GB.CLICK HERE. Just click on the link and then save the winrare file, the firmware will be automatically downloaded into your machine. For other people having Ultra SSD 60 GB and Ultra SSD 240GB the Firmware 365A13F0 download link I provided is not the same. They can get their desired firmware from down:
    SanDisk Ultra 60GB – CLICK HERE
    SanDisk Ultra 240GB – CLICK HERE

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    Re: Firmware 365A13F0 for SanDisk Ultra SSD

    I am really impressed with this forum. Didn’t expect such quick and clear response. The best thing I liked is that the above friend not just gave the firmware for 120GB SSD but also without making any request he helped others who are looking out for the same firmware version for their 60GB and 240GB Ultra SSD. I am very much happy because I am one of them. Without putting up any afforts I simply got the firmware from here. This was my first attempt for the search of a proper firmware; however I was fortunate enough to get a fast result.

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    Re: Firmware 365A13F0 for SanDisk Ultra SSD

    Even I am one amongst those not so intelligent guys who do not have much idea about firmware. The reason I am here in search of a firmware is because I was told to do so. Actually my Ultra SSD was brand new and when I bought it and installed into my machine I found that the SSD wasn’t going along with the OS well and when I consulted a tech guy who reside nearby my home he told me that I need to install a proper firmware ISO to my SSD. Frankly speaking, I didn’t get anything I spoke to me other than installing the firmware ISO version 365A13F0. He didn’t gave me much related information as I he was not paid for the service he did which ended up in making me search for the firmware. Anyways I am done with the download and hope things would work for me now onwards. If anyone interested please provide me sufficient information about this ISO firmware.

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    Re: Firmware 365A13F0 for SanDisk Ultra SSD

    Not much but at least I will help you to know bit and sufficient enough about the ISO firmware that is suggested you to install for your SSD. Look in most of the cases of SSD like you said the SSD do not get properly install in the machine which requires a firmware to get things properly placed. Therefore now Sandisk has came up with such firmware called as ISO firmware. This ISO firmware helps you to update your SSD firmware on your machine; it is mainly required for the Sandisk SSD Toolkit that do not support the operating system.

    Installing a proper firmware ISO is very much needed for the SSD you are having. Without any knowledge of firmware ISO if in case you download an incorrect firmware ISO then definitely you will have to suffer a lot. Maybe your SSD will no more be stable in the machine. So better be alert and also know the capacity of the Ultra SSD you are having, only then go for a firmware ISO. For you information, every single capacity drive has a different Firmware ISO.

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