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Thread: Audio Technica AKG K550 or ATH-A900X headphone

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    Audio Technica AKG K550 or ATH-A900X headphone

    As my existing steelseries headphone is almost dead, am planning to buy a new one (specially for gaming). After searching a lot this time i landed with another company and their two products, named as Audio Technica AKG K550 and ATH-A900X headphone. As this is new for me, i would like to know which one is best among Audio Technica AKG K550 and ATH-A900X ?

    I know their prices are 21664 INR and ATH-A900X costs around 16600 INR. I dont have any problem with the budget, just need the good product. So it will be really very helpful if anyone of you can compare both this headphones and suggest me better one. Thanks for all your efforts.

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    Re: Audio Technica AKG K550 or ATH-A900X headphone

    I owned both of them, from my personal experience I think AKG K550 is best because of its thin and small size and comfortable fittings. Though it is made up of leather ear pads it weighs just 305 grams. Its other features include energetic sound, such as bass and dynamic midrange sharp and powerful treble. In AKG K550 headphone there is 50mm large caliber driver that creates powerful sound. Although I think that the speaker of large diameter is good for playing bass, and you know that K550 make full use of various technologies, drivers and large caliber You have to maximize the virtues of a sealed design.

    On other hand the ATH-A900X headphone comes with aluminum housing with lightweight and superior strength to acoustic characteristics. This headphone has ability to perform high-quality sound reproduction. This headphone comes with large f53mm caliber with wide-range and clear sound. It is even equipped with specially designed art monitor series. Total ear fitting design reduces the feeling of pressure. Even ATH-A900X Is comfortable for long time listening without any kind of problem or pressure on the head.

    I really like this headphone because it is good in all niches such as gaming, music or movies. I must say that overall both headphones are very good but selecting any one still remains on your own choices but I’ll still recommend you K550. Though it is bit costlier than ATH-A900X, its worth

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    Re: Audio Technica AKG K550 or ATH-A900X headphone

    For me ATH-A900X headphone is best. I have recently purchased this headphone because of its very good design and reasonable price. It is packed in lightweight aluminum with superior strength to achieve high-quality audio with unwanted vibrations. There is a convenient 2-way plug with standard 6.3mm stereo and 3.5mm stereo mini. This headphone also comes with the Real Image Engineering Technology, which provides the best listening experience with a realistic reproduction for width, depth and distance.

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