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Thread: how does the Denon D7100 headphone sound like

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    how does the Denon D7100 headphone sound like

    I am looking to buy a new headphone with good design and sound quality. WHile searching for the same i came through Denon D7100 headphone. To be frank, i heard this name for the first time but i found few good comments about the same. Also it seems like it can fulfill my requirements. but as this is the first time i saw this, I have no idea how is it physically, how it sounds, etc. have any one of you ever used Denon D7100 ? If yes, could you please share your experience with the same ? Thanks for all helps in advance.

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    Re: how does the Denon D7100 headphone sound like

    I have experience with many headphones and after i saw this headset its seems that the designer was trying to get the classy looks from D2000,5000 and 7000 in one headphone, i.e. D7100.I am happy to see that Denon is actually making some good effort to manufacture a good headphone with stylish design. In addition it has nice curves and the looks are so modern that it is similar to the '90 300 Z first released. It also has a good sound quality and is offcourse a good choice for gaming as well. You can go for it.

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    Re: how does the Denon D7100 headphone sound like

    The way this headset was build its clear that they what to capture the Beats market. There is no room for the pad sound dampening system. It doesn’t look as the Foster units.

    The photos of the Denon D7100 headphone was taken on the trade show although there is no information about them. The fact that I remember the HD800 did not photographed properly but the videos were fine . Also the people those who saw D7100 has said that it was the gorgeous piece of equipment.

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    Re: how does the Denon D7100 headphone sound like

    Even i wont agree if someone will say that the D7100 design is dull. There are many people who won’t appreciate the good work. Also if we compare D7100 with D7000, both these headphones sounds exactly the same. I would actually take the D7100 as it has proper style for the normal people that Denon actually made the product for.

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