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Thread: SteelSeries QCK heavy vs SteelSeries 3HD Mouse Pad

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    SteelSeries QCK heavy vs SteelSeries 3HD Mouse Pad

    I have a very short question and expecting a quick reply from you guys. I am using Razer Hydra Portal 2 mouse with my Gaming computer and need help on selecting the best Mouse Pad for the same. I did searched on Razor's site itself but dint found anything interesting and those i liked there were too costly. So finally i got stuck with SteelSerie QCK heavy and SteelSeries 3HD. I guess any of these will be suitable for my Razor mouse but unable to make decision which one is good from these. Can you guys help me selecting the best of it ? Help appreciated.

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    Re: SteelSeries QCK heavy vs SteelSeries 3HD Mouse Pad

    I feel all mouse pad will work in the same way like other mouse works. I have this SteelSeries QCK mouse pad and it works perfectly for me but it is also more expensive. I also think the ratpadzgs is same as well (Cane be good choice as well). As far as cost is concerned, Razer goliathus is also recommended. I don’t know about its speed and control surfaces but its a good mouse used by many gamers. For me the Razer Goliathus is very good pad with smoothness as well.

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    Re: SteelSeries QCK heavy vs SteelSeries 3HD Mouse Pad

    Good choices mate but i dont have any experience with those 2, hence i dont want to comment any thing on it. Mousepads really makes a big difference. When i replaced my cloth mouse pad with the Ratzpad GS, i got whole new experience of using the mouse. The amount of traction I was getting was really surprising. I had the Logitech MX510 with great smoothness and accuracy.

    There is one thing that annoying that most of the people like to use only the single portion of the mouse pad but in the Ratzpad it has the extra cover for the heaviest use. So it looks kind of odd on the top left, but apart from this, it is an amazing mouse pad. This is the best mouse pad that I like to recommend apart from your SteelSeries options.

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    Re: SteelSeries QCK heavy vs SteelSeries 3HD Mouse Pad

    For the best smooth surface for any kind of mouse that is available in the market I would like to suggest to get the Steel Series QcK Mouse Pad. Though its price is more than few other mouse pads, it is the quality mouse that is available in the market at the moment. Its even perfect to carry while traveling because of its thing design.

    Other than this I can suggest you two mouse pads that can be suitable for your Razer Hydra mouse, and those are Razer Exactmat and Handstands Zero Gamers Mat. Both has the two usable surfaces with one side will be smooth and other has textured for optimum accuracy. Both works great with the gaming mouses but the Razer Exactmat is little high on the prize as compare to the Handstands Zero.

    Now you should decide yourself with which you want to go.

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    Re: SteelSeries QCK heavy vs SteelSeries 3HD Mouse Pad

    I have just recently bought the C4 NGen04 pad from CSHyde about a month ago , it has very slick surface. All I have to do is to stick the PTFE pads to my mouse with normal padded version. I actually liked it very much with my mouse. Earlier i was using Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mouse pad and that was even better than my current pad. It was having good texture to have control over the games you play. The price is little high but still it could be the best deal. Its smooth and works with all gaming mice. I think you should get this one if you looking for the long-term use.

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