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Thread: How to completely block dust in computer

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    How to completely block dust in computer

    This is one thing which I am trying more many years. I cannot completely block dust from entering in my cpu case. After couple of months when I open it, there are spider webs, dust particles, etc. I had seen sometime my cpu fan jams because of it. Anyhow I had tried to sealed the entire unit by covering it with thin plastic. That looks affective, but I think that can affect the systems ventilation. Is there any special cpu case that can be used for such purpose. I cannot block the fan panel as it removes the heat from the system. Does anyone has better solution. I am talking of blocking completely.

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    Re: How to completely block dust in computer

    This is not possible. The dust enters your system somehow. The more stay on ground level the level of dust is much higher. Like people who stays on top floor does not face such kind of issue. It is recommended that you must clean you system atleast 2 times in a weak. Second you can use some covers which can avoid dust particles entire directly in the system. Do not just seal it completely or else your system will heat more.

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    Re: How to completely block dust in computer

    I don't think there is any anti-dust cpu case yet available. What you can do is buy some kind of cover for the case. You can keep a track of cleaning it after every 14 days. In that way dust will not accumulate much in side it. Antec has certain series of cpu case which has nice design and better way to block dust from outside. It is recommended that you must keep the cpu case a bit above from the ground and the area where you can clean the same more easily.

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