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Thread: Resetting PRAM with wireless keyboard / mouse on iMac

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    Resetting PRAM with wireless keyboard / mouse on iMac

    I am an iMac user and I have an issue with resetting PRAM. Couple of days ago I was playing movie on my iMac. While playing movie on iMac unexpectedly sound issue occurred and when I was trying to solve this issue, I did some research on internet to solve this issue. I saw some suggestion, in that they gave advice to reset PRAM but whenever I was trying to reset PRAM with my wireless keyboard and mouse but my wireless keyboard isn’t working on booting time. Please let me know if anyone have fix for this.

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    Re: Resetting PRAM with wireless keyboard / mouse on iMac

    As you have mention in your issue that your wireless keyboard and mouse are not working while booting your iMac. It means when you hold the option Key on your wireless keyboard at the booting time the computer starts normally. Even you are facing same problem while resetting your PRAM. You tried to reset your PRAM through your wireless keyboard but it didn’t work and your computer starts normally. iMac won’t recognize your stat up key in the beginning of booting time. It will recognize your start up key when your iMac play start up chime sound. This is not something to worry about; your iMac is behaving normally. While playing chime sound you can press and hold option key to choose start up disk. You can also select start up disk manually for that you have to select “System Preferences “from apple menu in system menu select” View “option and from”View” option you can select start up disk. After selecting start up disk restart your computer. Now for resetting your PRAM press and hold Command + Option + P + R keys simultaneously at the time of start up chime sound. This step will reset your PRAM and NVRAM. I hope this will help you to solve your issue.

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    Re: Resetting PRAM with wireless keyboard / mouse on iMac

    To rest the PRAM you have to use the original keyboard. It won't work with the wireless device. I had already seen many articles on this issue and tried many solutions. But none of them really worked. The process starts after turning off the system and in that mode the system is only able to identify the official keyboard. Once it can be done if you are using apples wifi keyboard and mouse. But if you have any third party peripheral then it is not going to work.

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    Re: Resetting PRAM with wireless keyboard / mouse on iMac

    I had tried with a cheap wireless keyboard it does not work. I found a site on which a users has commented about properly pairing the keyboard with mac system. I use the same on my iPad also. But this was not working at all. My existing keyboard is damage and not working. Later on I borrowed one from my friend who has a similar system and reset the PRAM. Now the system is working fine. There must be a alternative for the same. It is a not possible to reset PRAM with other devices.

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