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Thread: Free Data Recovery Program for My Passport drive

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    Free Data Recovery Program for My Passport drive

    I have borrowed a western digital 320 GB my passport drive from my cousin. He had already formatted the drive and given to me. I transferred some music files into that but today when I connected that drive in my computer then I found that there is no data on the drive. I can see that it is consuming space in it but that is not visible. There is no problem while connecting the drive with the computer. It gets connected without any problem or warning or anything. It was working well when my cousin was using it, then what happened to this drive now. Can you guess any reason for this problem? I will be really glad if you can provide me some information for this or recommend me some good data recovery software. Thank you so much in advance for the help.

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    Re: Free Data Recovery Program for My Passport drive

    It is recommended to make use of WD passport data recovery tool, incase if the data is not visible in the drive. This will be very helpful in order to recover the lost data from western digital drive. There might be many reasons for this problem like you might lose the data when there is sudden power cut or you removed that drive from the computer suddenly without safely removing it.

    There is also another program called the Card Data Recovery. With it, you will get the support for the WD brands. It makes use of the signature algorithm and so data can be detected instantly. This is a multiple data recovery program and is the best tool to recover data as it also scans for the deleted files into your drive. There are many other alternative for this software but this is the best one. I am saying this with confidence because I have used this and am totally satisfied with that.

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    Re: Free Data Recovery Program for My Passport drive

    Other than the Card Data Recovery, you can also try with the MiniTool Data Recovery tool. This is single software that is targeted for home users. If you are a person who is not having a strong technical knowledge then also you will find this tool very easy to use. This comes with some logical steps for the data recovery process and it makes it very simple to understand. There are very simple screen instructions that you will have to follow and in a few simple steps, you will get all your data back. You will also be able to use this software to recover data from CD, DVD discs and flash drives. If you want then you can also recover the data from the damaged, reformatted hard drive. So you can guess for yourself that there are very few recovery software that provide this much flexibility.

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    Re: Free Data Recovery Program for My Passport drive

    There might be some problem with the USB port that you are using to connect the drive with the computer. If that port is not providing proper connection then you may get this issue. Anyways, you can try by connecting that in some other USB port and see if that makes any difference. Other than this, if you have set “do not show hidden files and folders” on your computer and the files in the drive is hidden for some reason then you will not be able to view those files unless and until the settings are changed for this. So change the settings to show hidden files. I know that these are very basic things and you might have tried it but there are also many new users who neglect the most basic mistakes in the cases like this and I am posting for those users.

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    Re: Free Data Recovery Program for My Passport drive

    There is one software as Disk Drill which is also good for backup. My brother is using the same for backup and now even I have started using the same. The application is divided into two areas, one for the preventive protection "Prevent data loss" and the other to Recovery "Recover data". Activating the "Recovery Vault" increases the chances of recovery, but most of all it greatly speeds up the process of scanning deleted data by clicking "Undelete Recovery from Vault".

    For analyzing low-level, Deep Scan is based on an understanding of some types of files, so you cannot recover any type of document. There are majority of office files, images, video, audio, compressed files and so on, which are brought in a tree structure organized according to their type. I found that the preview function of the document style “QuickLook” is very useful. Just press the space and wait for a few seconds (or minutes depending on disk speed and file size).

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    Re: Free Data Recovery Program for My Passport drive

    Dear Friend,
    You can use Kernel data recovery software for recover your data from corrupted hard disk you can try it .i used it for my corrupted HD and i restore my all data it's work for me.

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