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Thread: Admin password for HP Photosmart 5514

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    Admin password for HP Photosmart 5514

    Hello friends, I was trying to set the Admin password for my printer, but I have forgotten the method how to do it. Even I was trying to go through setting then also I was not able to find out and one more thing which I would like to add here that I am not able to access settings such that I am not able to access the security settings. Is there any default password for it or is there any method to reset password? If anyone is know anything then please do tell me. Thank you.

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    Re: Admin password for HP Photosmart 5514

    I have tried to set the admin password for my LaserJet printer, so you can check those settings for you and see that it is working for your series printer or not. Actually if you check out then there are four levels of security which is implemented on the HP LaserJet series printer control panels. But that it is not at all important for you. To set up the password for your printer you need to have the HP Web Jetadmin software. You can download it from below link. Once download and install on your system, then run that software. Now you just select your printer which is needed to configure. Once selected then select Configuration from the Device Tools pull-down menu. In which you select the Security option. Now you need to select the security setting desired under Control Panel Access, if you are selecting the maximum lock setting then it is not requiring having a password and it totally locks the control panel.

    I would like to tell that when you are selecting this option then it is locking the device's control panel, such that it will not allowing unauthorized users to access the printer settings and also it will not allow them to change the device settings. They will be able to read the settings which are being made for that particular device. You will be able to get the unlock options depending on the device or printer you are using it. Whereas there are some devices or printers who are able to lock and unlock the control panel, whereas other devices or printer you will get different level such as, unlocked, minimum, moderate, or maximum. Each of the levels is having different definitions. When you have done all the settings then click on Apply.

    HP Web Jetadmin software

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    Re: Admin password for HP Photosmart 5514

    You might try the above user method which might be helpful for you in some or other way, if you wanted to try with the default username and password then try to type username as admin and password as password. This is being used as the default one especially for the HP printers, I have tried for me. If the username or password is not working then try to type them in uppercase and check that it is being accepted by printer or not, beside that there is no other option. The last thing which I would like to suggest you that refer to user manual of the printer or try to contact the HP customer care, they might be able to help you with resetting the password.

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