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Thread: Optiplex 990 Dell desktop computer power supply failure

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    Optiplex 990 Dell desktop computer power supply failure

    I do have close contact with one of the Optiplex 990 desktop computers corporate support, heard from them there have been number of customers of Optiplex facing very high power supply failure. Approximately there have been some 10% to 15% of the Optiplex 990 computer users who have been facing this issue from past few months. I am one of them and came to about its popularity only after I researched a lot on internet and on other sources. Yesterday night on a forum found one of the threads where a similar issue was discussed but it was with the Optiplex 790 and not 990. From then onwards I started wondering whether the issue has been widely spread with other models too and not just limited with 990. Is there anyone with a Dell Desktop computer having the same issue, no matter what model do you have just wanted to know about the issue you people facing.

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    Re: Optiplex 990 Dell desktop computer power supply failure

    Yeah if you speaking about the 790 model then unfortunately I am one of them. In fact in my case the issue is too serious. I am really very much frustrated with this issue. in my case the problem is too advanced, you know from last month I have faced the power supply failure issue at least 10 to 12 times. Don’t know for what reason sometimes suddenly the system fails to power on and if it somehow manages to power on then it won’t respond in between the working. When checked found that there was no amber power light blinks neither there was a diagnostic lights existing. As already stated I am not the only one with this issue, even I searched about the issue on net and found almost many of the similar issues. Anyways not just I search for similar issue but also found a proper solution for the same. I was once suggested to get both the power Supply Unit and motherboard replaced. replacing the board doesn’t really seemed to me as a logical solution so therefore I just replaced the PSU and not the board but that didn’t solve the issue. But then also after replacing the motherboard I got my problem fixed.

    However don’t know why exactly I encountered this issue but I know that this trick will somehow work for all. Anyone facing the issue just believe that there is something wrong with either your PSU or with your motherboard.

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    Re: Optiplex 990 Dell desktop computer power supply failure

    I have been facing the same issue but with 790 SFF. Within this system I am running a dual video with Radeon 512MB HD. There are about 10 machines installed at my office and amongst all of them 5 of the machines are showing up the same behavior and most of them end up with the amber flashing light problem. when consulted an expert I was told that sometimes what happened is due to the failure the hard drive somehow gets corrupt which in turns cause a blue screen issue. Another friend of mine is facing the same issue and he said that in his case he has also found an airflow problem with the architect of his PSU but even then he is not so sure about the issue. The best thing is to report the Dell support team regarding this issue as much as possible.

    If I am not mistaken I think there are almost 90% of the people have their machine failed due to i7-2600 configuration.

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    Re: Optiplex 990 Dell desktop computer power supply failure

    With my Optiplex desktop I found that the machine started short cycling whenever I try to reboot. Found that after every reboot the system turns on easily without fail but it stays the same only for few more seconds, after that don’t know for what reason it turns off again. Now this problem stays the same until and unless I take off the power cord. Initially thought that this could have been due to the windows update problem but from the time I updated the workstations with the server and also no other thing was behaving the same I believed that surely windows update has nothing to do with the issue. Later on what I did was bought a new Dell 790 system and then took out the HDD and memory out of it and switched with the current problematic system. Guess what? All the issue went off and everything worked fairly without any issues. No matter how serious the issue is the only thing I have noticed until yet is that you are supposed to replaced either of the hardware peripherals like PSU or motherboard or HDD or any of the part.

    There my friend who bought an old 790 system just for the replacemet purpose. Even he was facing the same problem and he learnt that due to the fault PSU his system failed to power on. he was not quite sure with the main reason so therefore instead of getting a new PSU he simply decided to go for buying an old system and replacing the necessary things from there. That seems to be very good idea, after you are sure that you have to somehow replace some of your hardware parts into your machine you can go for such ideas if you really do care about the money expense. However the ultimate thing matters for everyone is to make the system run successfully and for lifelong if possible. Power supply issue has till now been the mostly rated reason for this problem.

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    Re: Optiplex 990 Dell desktop computer power supply failure

    I recently had a talk with the Tech support of Dell. Very much frustrated with the problem, believing that the issue might be due to the power supply I simply replaced my power supply. Everything was done successfully without any trouble but then after it turned off the system and then again when I turn it on found that the machine wont start up even after I hit the power button. The issue was as simply as everyone’s, from past few days I was unable to even power up the machine due to the power supply failure. Obviously anybody would have suggested the PSU replacement but in my case that was actually not the real problem. now however I am sure that power supply for sure not one of the reason for the problem. now other than this what I predict is that there are chances the problem might be with the power saving settings from BIOS, the reason for such prediction is because I never go for a sleep mode or hibernate. Other than this also I think the issue could be with the motherboard. Noticed that the power cycle is too quick and must be due to its speed might be the LED indicators merely able to get around all the initial lightning works.

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