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Thread: Dell V305 All-in-One Printer is not working with Inspiron 531S

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    Dell V305 All-in-One Printer is not working with Inspiron 531S

    Hello friends, I am using Inspiron 531S and have connected Dell V305 All-in-One Printer with it, but it not working not knowing what is the problem. Did the connection properly, gone through manual of printer and connected properly with my system but then also it is not responding, I have check out for the drivers but I was not able to get for windows vista, such that it is not available on official website of Dell. The problem has started when I have changed the ink cartridges and USB cable of the printer. When I was searching for the solutions then I have came across one solution which was stating that I should re-install Windows Vista on my system, but the problem is that I am not having Windows Vista CD with me so I am not able to do it. Is there any method to make it work with out re-installing windows vista? Please do help me with it. Thank you.

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    Re: Dell V305 All-in-One Printer is not working with Inspiron 531S

    I would suggest that you better make use of system restore point which will be taken to the earlier date or repair or restore your system which was earlier and do it with printer is the easiest method to do it. I have done it for me which has worked for me. So I would suggest that you better try it and it will work for you. Wanted to try then first you have to Delete Print Jobs, if wanted to know that how it is being done then refer to below link, which will be helpful for you. I am telling this because as it is important to remove all stuck print jobs from the queue. If there is no file stuck then you better disconnect printer from your system. Once you removed printer connection then just go to start in that go to control panel then after that go to programs and features in which just select your printer, which is Dell V305 Printer, then you just uninstall it. Once the uninstall process is completed then restart the system, but before that you should make sure the printer is being removed completely from system. Once your system got started and connected with internet then insert your printer disk and just keep on following the method which you will be getting on your display. When you will be following those steps then you might be able to get a message which will be stating that “Printer is not connected”. When you got this message then at that time just connect your printer and turn it ON. This will surely work and then also it is not working then better makes sure your antivirus is not blocking it. If you wanted to have drivers for your printer get go to below and download it.

    Delete Print Jobs

    Dell V305/V305w AIO Inkjet Printer Driver

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    Re: Dell V305 All-in-One Printer is not working with Inspiron 531S

    After trying the above user method then also it is not working then I would suggest you to install the service pack of your operating system and also you try to do windows updates, sometimes doing the windows update helps a lot and even the drivers which is missing from system might be able to get it back and it might be possibility that system will be able to detect printer. I am not sure that how much it will work.

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