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Thread: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

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    HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    I am using the DVI but when I see the high end cards then there are HDMI and display ports available on that. Can somebody tell me that which is going to be good for all around performance with quality? This is well known that with the HDMI, we will get be high definition resolutions. So is it going to be good to change to the HDMI or Display port or better to be with the DVI only? I will really appreciate if you can help me to judge difference between them. There are many articles on web for comparison between these three but I would like to hear from the people over here. Thank you so much in advance for the reply.

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    re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    I think that the DisplayPort is the best between them. The DisplayPort is a technical innovation. Data transmission method is based on micro packets and it provides us better protected against interference. The micro-packets are transmitted in up to four channels, if the resolution requires it. The DP recognizes that there is an optimal combination (with short cables) then the data rate to 2.7 Gbits / s per channel is set. Otherwise it switches to 1.62 Gbit / s back. This is still sufficient for a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels (or 1,080). In terms of cable length, the DisplayPort points are clear. A cable must be long upto 15 meters. By comparison, HDMI cables make many problems and other than this they are only specified up to five meters.

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    re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    I will go for the HDMI absolutely and here are the reasons for this:
    • This is now on 90% of the video card and monitor / TV
    • This is a single cable which also carries the audio without breaking the jack in second
    • It is having greater capacity for data transport (It even supports 3D, and 1 .3 [the most common] out of the box and has a bandwidth of 10gb / s)
    • Not cluttered like the VGA and DVI
    • Cheaper in cost with the best performance

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    re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    There is one good thing that I liked regarding the Digital (HDMI and DVI) as it is noise tolerant. This works with the analog line to bring you the perfect picture. The voltage on the handset would require matching with the voltage at the sender. The noise can enter and deform the signal. With the digital line, it is just required to determine by the receiver that whether the signal is a 1 or a 0. That is, if the voltage is high or low. Because of the tolerance of noise into a digital signal, you be able to purchase the cheap cable and it work as well. You can also run the signal above a long distance and that is also not making much noise. Let’s wait and see if someone post with better explanation regarding this. Thank you.

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    re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    Advantages of DisplayPort over DVI / HDMI:
    • Based on a micro-packet protocol:
    • Allows easy upgrade from standard
    • Allows multiple video streams over a single physical connection
    • Developed to support communication internal smart chip:
    • Can control a screen directly, eliminating the control circuits and allowing screens cheaper and thinner
    • In order to replace internal LVDS links of laptop screens, it comes with a unified interface,
    • DisplayPort is backward compatible with the "single link" DVI / HDMI (active adapters are needed to convert to the "dual link" DVI / HDMI and analog VGA);
    • Supporte color spaces RGB and YCbCr format (ITU-R BT.601 and BT.709);
    • A auxiliary channel can be used for data touch screen, a USB connection, a camera, microphone, etc..
    • Comes with embedded clock reduction (EMI)
    • It has thinner and a much smaller connector that requires no screws. Connector pins are not likely to comply if they are not connected
    • The DisplayPort connector is easy to plug in and allowing easy connection

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    re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    HDMI and DVI are both digital connection which allow the video signal (audio and also in the case of HDMI) and made for not to suffer degradation due to signal conversion from digital to analog (as occurs on the monitors or televisions CRT). DVI is a standard one especially in the field for LCD TV or LCD low-end. HDMI was designed for HDTV to return to the panel (monitor, plasma or LCD) to get the purity of an HD signal from a source in high definition as a BR or HD-DVD player or game console of next-gen. My suggestion to you is to go for the DVI to get the best quality. I am also using the same and that is really working great for me. If you have any more query to make on this then please post back.

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    re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    Well basically HDMI is "High Definition Multimedia Interface". This is a connection that carries at a time, by a single cable, Audio and Digital Video, is the one used in the Blu-ray, in some DVD's in media discs and devices that are FullHD. The DVI connection means "digital visual interface". There are many discs media that have this connection. This applies to computers and video cards. This connection is also digital and can be used for high definition but with only video. Here lies the difference, while with one HDMI we have all with a single cable but at the same time with the other (DVI) we will only have the video and we should put a second cable for this. I hope that this will be helpful to you to understand the difference better.

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    re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It's about the connection (19-pin) which ensures that both audio and video signals in an uncompressed digital form from your HD peripherals to be placed on your LCD / PLASMA TV Full HD 1024p display. This makes possible to display the sharp images on the scren. Audio and video are sent through a cable. HDMI is also the new digital alternative to traditional analog connection, SCART cable. The new generation of HD devices such as a Blu-Ray player, also have this connection and is easy to connect to each other for a sharp picture and sound experience. The only reported problem with HDMI is the cable length.
    On the other hand, DVI is a connection between a low-cost computing device (eg, a graphics card) and a display device, and is the standard connector for digital displays for desktop computers and projectors.
    The digital flat panel display:
    • provide clearer and sharper images compared to CRT display or analog;
    • allow you to display colors more vivid and brighter than CRT analog;
    • rationalize the use of desk space and looks much more modern and elegant;
    • offer significant ergonomic benefits and are less harmful to the view;
    • are easier to use and require a smaller number of operations manual configuration, adjustment and optimization;
    • Finally, their technological level is the height of the graphics processors today.

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    Re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is an older type of connection that allows you to connect output devices, such as a computer with an LCD monitor or a digital television. The connectors and cables DVI are able to transmit only video information. Therefore, DVI devices require separate cables for audio. The DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a standard video interface for the transmission of video between a source device (such as a personal computer) and a display device. The DVI has become a widespread standard in the personal computer industry, both in desktop monitors. The most recent desktop computer and LCD monitor has a DVI interface and many other devices (like projectors and television industry) provide indirect support through DVI HDMI is a standard video interface. Most laptops have VGA cards and even, in some models, HDMI ports, but few models support DVI.

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    Re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is an audio / video uncompressed, all-digital. HDMI ensures flawless audio and video quality via a single cable greatly simplifies the cabling, helping to provide the best possible home theater experience. HDMI technology allows the high speed transmission of a high number of digital audio and video information not tablets. Since both audio and video signals are handled by a single cable, the number of cables needed for your home theater system is reduced.

    HDMI provides an interface between any audio / video, as a set-top box, DVD player or receiver A / V receiver and an audio monitor and / or video, as a digital television (DTV), using a single cable. The HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or HD, multichannel digital audio over a single cable. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports 8-channel, 192 kHz, uncompressed digital audio and all currently available compressed formats (such as Dolby Digital and DTS). The HDMI 1.3 adds additional support for new lossless digital audio formats Dolby ® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio ™ with the bandwidth that can support future enhancements and requirements.

    In addition, the HDMI standard plays a vital role in the implementation of digital rights management. If you are using HDMI components are not recent (prior to 2005) and the output device in use does not have HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), HDCP-protected content can be displayed on the inside of the laptop but not on TV or LCD screen for projection.

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