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Thread: Mount for 23" Widescreen Dell LED Monitor

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    Mount for 23" Widescreen Dell LED Monitor

    Where to find a good monitor mount for 23" Dell Led monitor. The monitor looks awesome but with a stand on the desk does not give the clear output which I am expecting. For a upgrade I had gone with wireless mouse and keyboard, so that I can site long and operate the system. The only thing now lack is proper view which is not well from the tablet. I need a better mount suggestion and fitting ideas where I can fix the monitor anywhere in my room. The monitor is quiet large which reflects clear Video quality and much better if watched from a distance. I had arranged a space on the wall and now planing to get proper mount for the same.

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    Re: Mount for 23" Widescreen Dell LED Monitor

    There are different type of monitors mount found on web. I will list you all one by one so that you can have a clear idea about your requirement. Basically what I can assume that you are looking for a good wall mount. For that you can go on Amazon and search for wall brackets for the monitor. There are various type of mount that you can purchase as per your need. The most basic one is wall mount. Certain brackets are fitted on the wall with movable screen. It stays fit on the wall and good for look also. There are poll mounts, monitor stand, pos mounts, etc. So first do is, try to find on web what type of mount you need. The price of each of them is different. There are some basic wall mount kit which cheap in price and available at your regular store.

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    Re: Mount for 23" Widescreen Dell LED Monitor

    Search for MX Wall Mount LCD Arm. This wall mount kit comes around $114. It offer you to adjust the height upto 17" at a time and also you can tilt or move the monitor as per your direction. The monitor can be mounted in portrait or landscape mode as per your need. The setup is quiet simple where you just need to fit the same on wall and connect your tower with it. Other than this, it has a decent design which aluminum exterior so that it does not spoil the look. One the best option this kit has that it comes with a cable management support. We had seen the cable lies anywhere near the monitor. It can be properly fixed under the arm which is not visible. The rotation support allows you have a nice view for every angle. There is also no need to put this on a height. I found this kit on amazon and there are many more listed on the site. A mount arm can be fitted to a desk as well as to a wall as per your requirement. All you need to do is to find a easy way of doing this. Do not go for complex combination of mounting which cannot fit well.

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    Re: Mount for 23" Widescreen Dell LED Monitor

    My friend faced a issue recently due to poor mounting clip. He fixed all stuff well but due to poor material used the clip broke up. Luckily the monitor did not felled but it was a a waste of money. So it is recommended that you must go for DIY type kit for single purpose only. Do not for multiple fittings. They can loose contact anytime. LCD arms are kits which are available for desktop and for wall also. The fitting is done from the edges, fixing them on the wall and the fitting the LED over the monitor panel. The setup is not complicated but what matters is durability. Popularly called as mount there are different type of wall mounts. First is direct mounting bracket which connected to the wall and server no space between monitor and the wall. Direct wall brackets allows you to fit the monitor and make space on your desk. This type of mount are ideal for home and office where you need extra space on your desk and do not want the monitor to consume space. The placement is done nicely with very little adjustment done to the setup. Other than this there are advance kit which are used for server and fixing multiple monitors together. There is not use of explaining that here, and I think you should search for regular one only.

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    Re: Mount for 23" Widescreen Dell LED Monitor

    Look for TM Tilting Wall Mount by Ergotron. I will not say this is a kind of advance wall mount with lots of fittings and easy to move the screen in all direction. But very basic wall mounts with tilting option only. Best recommended for widescreen tv's and monitors. It comes in two or three parts only. The first one is the back panel fitted on the wall permanently and then the LCD panel. It offer you just titling feature where you can move the screen up and down only. It is robust and enough powerful to hold the screen on wall properly. You can setup this at a standard height from floor. It lacks moving the screen in left and right direction. But does not really matters if you are not going to rotate the screen. Moving that in upper and lower part makes it comfortable to use. It is a very stable mount and I will recommend this for your setup. It can be easily
    adjustable for much larger display if you want. What I like good in this, is the quality of this product.

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